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See the location of Boulevard de Clichy on my Paris map.The first photo right shows how the adult entertainment on Boulevard de Clichy sometimes sits weirdly alongside family venues.359 Tarpon Boulevard is located on the southern side of Fripp Island on the canal.

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Guest cards offer exclusive access to discounted rates on golf and tennis.

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As with Rue Saint-Denis there are rip-off joints here and you shouldn't go inside any adult club or show without researching it first.

The dodgy ones usually have some tout outside giving it the hard sell and may offer you a 'free look'.

Boulevard de Clichy Red Light District (Quartier Rouge) is France's equivalent to Germany's Reeperbahn.

Although the name might not be as well known, some of the venues certainly are because this is where you'll find the world famous Moulin Rouge and Le Folie's Pigalle.

The first photo on the second row shows one of the smaller adult shops.

This is a family website so I won't go into what they sell though it's pretty much the same as any other adult shop in Western Europe.

The back yard has a brick fire pit with surrounding chairs for those cooler nights.

The master bedroom has a queen bed and a twin, with an en suite bath.

There is a large wall mounted TV in the living room.