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Many others give up and either flee back to the UK or mess around with airport runs, villa cleaning etc etc trying to eke out a living until they win the lottery (Spanish or otherwise! I’ll give anybody a chance – that’s my style BUT at the first meeting I know pretty well who’s a talker and who’s a walker.

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That is why you see so many Belgian and Dutch people working for estate agents etc.From birth they have been comfortable in 3 or 4 languages. One speaks Dutch, German, English and Spanish and the other speaks German, Spanish, French and English.My short list was a Finn, two Dutch girls, a Belgian guy (who spoke SIX languages fluently) and a Norwegian.These people were applying for a position with a contract, 30 days’ paid holiday etc. Incidentally in the Valencian Community only 10% of all new positions advertised last year were with permanent contracts and that is the Spanish and not the ex-pat market place.When I last interviewed for a secretary I got over 70 applications.

Over 30 were from English speakers BUT only 3 had the MINIMUM number of languages clearly stated in the advert – three.

Equally, many have absolutely no direction whatsoever.

I am fortunate that I am not down to my last five bob. So, I often say to the people who don’t seem cut out for what I have to offer, “Is there anything that you would like to do, if I were to fund a new project with you? So if I help them set it up, get the papers in order and even fund it they wouldn’t know what they wanted!!! On the other hand, I mentioned it to a couple the other day and the lady immediately came up with what I believe was a very credible business proposition for here in Spain.

It offers a guaranteed work contract, a realistic salary and everything else that goes with a Spanish permanent contract. I have had one person who wanted to know why it was written in Spanish and one person who failed to turn up for an interview twice!

I know I would have had more applicants if I had written in English or Swedish BUT absolute fluency in spoken and written Spanish is a pre-requisite so it saved me all the “I get by” dreamers.

Sorry if the answer is a bit long winded but it is one of those “meaning of life questions” where the answer is more likely to be observations and opinions rather than “the police station is at Calle Mayor 36 and the telephone number is 9……..