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While the above graphic isn’t all-encompassing and you might have some sort of combination of the hair types, it’s a good place to start. Sometimes a company will use terms such as “pomade” rather liberally – it can be more like a gel product at times and a wax in others.The key to pinning down the nature of the styling product is knowing what key words to look for in the descriptions.And besides completing your dapper look, there is another reason – yes, you guessed it…the opposite sex cares.According to a recent survey of young women in their early 20s, 3 out 4 said that a man’s hairstyle can be a strong indicator of dating potential upon first impression. Don’t leave this page just yet and start Googling “David Beckam’s hair” or “Best Men’s Hair Styling Products” to stock up on the latest designer waxes in order to raise your dating points.Warm up a small amount on the palm of your hand and distribute as needed.

Good for these Hair Styles: Good for these Hair Types: Thicker hair and medium hair lengths.

Okay, we know you might not care if a college chick thinks you have dating potential (or you may care a lot if you’re into college chicks), but nevertheless, you want to make sure you’re sending the right signals. What assumptions automatically come to mind about these two fellows based on their hair alone? To choose the best styling product for , it’s important to figure out something often overlooked: your hair type. Choosing your hair products without knowing your hair type is a bit like buying shoes without knowing your foot size.

You may get lucky and get close to a decent fit you may end up looking like Homey the Clown.

Though, we don’t want to stigmatize this super goo because it has both functionality and versatility, ranging from lighter to maximum hold.

The gel is the modern day version of hair grease, providing that slicker, wet look with stronger holds. Spread evenly on fingers and top of palm and run your fingers through your hair to style.

Avoid touching your hair after drying as it may break the hold and/or cause flaking.