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On-line scamming is a massive industry in Ghana and it is so prevalent that this nation was blacklisted for money-laundering by the international watchdog the global Financial Action Task Force in 2012.This dented the country's international reputation as an investment destination. They then tell their targets that their microphone or speakers aren't working so they can't speak, but they can only communicate via messages.People in the USA sent a whopping billion dollars to Internet scammers in 2014 and this is merely an estimate.

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The streets are filled with unlicensed Range Rovers and Toyota Camrys.Young men in tight jeans, baseball caps and flashes of gold sit with their car windows wound down and play loud music.As in Nigeria, Internet scammers in Ghana have their own name - Sakawa Boys, which means "putting inside" in the Hausa language. Over time they build up a romantic relationship with them before convincing them to send them money.Others pretend to have a concession in gold, timber, securities or oil to persuade people to hand over money for their fake business arrangements.The interesting thing is that not all scam targets are ignorant suckers.

Some of them are highly educated and qualified businessmen and professional people.

Those stupid-sounding emails promising to transfer millions of dollars into a person's bank account may raise a chuckle, but there are countless fools who are sucked into the most ludicrous sounding scams and most are too embarrassed to even report them to authorities.

These people are not victims, as described by police and the media.

Of course there are also many scammers in first-world nations such as the USA, Britain and Australia.

Many of these scammers operate in a highly structured corporate organisation.

The scammers are not just itinerant Nigerians sitting in Internet cafs sending out scam emails from laboriously collected email address lists.