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Wallet Hub’s editors compare 1,000 credit cards on a weekly basis to find the best deals in the most popular categories. Just remember: It’s not finding the absolute best credit card that matters, but rather choosing the best credit card for your particular needs.That’s problematic because using credit responsibly is the best way to rebound from such mistakes.So if you can’t get approved for a secured card, you might want to explore these other debt solutions to figure out what your next step should be.For more tips, check out Wallet Hub’s guide on finding the right type of credit card for your needs. Ideally, you should use a no foreign transaction fee credit card. Put in today’s date (the tool can’t predict the future). Click “Calculate Exchange Rates.” Using a no foreign transaction fee Visa credit card when traveling abroad will save you up to 9% compared to converting hard currency, according to Wallet Hub’s Currency Exchange Study. There’s actually not much difference between the exchange rates offered by these two worldwide card networks.And for your convenience, here are some benchmarks to consider as you wade your way through the credit card comparison process: Market Snapshot: 1,000 Credit Card Offers There is one Visa exchange rate for every type of currency, which can change once every 24 hours. Select United States Dollar for your card’s currency. Lastly, you should always avoid Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC). But that gives the merchant a chance to use an unfavorable exchange rate in place of the low rate you’d automatically get from Visa. It’s simply the easiest way to add positive information to your major credit reports on an ongoing basis.Finding the right credit card for your needs can be difficult, even with more than 1,000 offers distilled into the short list above.