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There are various templates – mail marked for follow-up, unread mail, that sort of thing – but the bottom option allows you to create a search folder based on your exact specifications.

Junk Email Options to access Outlook's full range of spam repellents.

The Quick Steps section of the Home ribbon will, appropriately, help you dance around your emails with speed.

Outlook has long been a fixture of many organisation's email and scheduling workflows, and for good reason: it's solid, easy to use, and keeps everything – all your addresses, mails, appointments and tasks – in one place.That's something all the web-based email accounts in the world can't quite manage.When you're happy with your choice you can also assign a custom [Ctrl] [Shift] number shortcut to it, meaning you can perform the action without taking your hands off the keyboard.As much as we'd all like our days to be divided into neat thirty-minute chunks, that's not always the case.Knowing Outlook's shortcuts is the best way to make more of the program and get things done quicker.

Start with [Ctrl] [R] to start a quick reply to the currently open email, [Alt] [R] to reply all, and [Alt] [W] to forward a mail.

Confusingly, [Alt] [R] will also open the work week calendar view and [Alt] [W] the full week as long as you're in Outlook's calendar.

As with the likes of Excel, Outlook 2016 lacks Word's shortcut customisation tools – although we'll explore a way you can set certain shortcuts later – but check the help file to find a host more shortcuts.

The same is true of the quick launch toolbar at the very top of the screen – right click it and select Customise Quick Launch Toolbar to set which icons you'd like to see – and you can even make your own ribbon menus by heading to File Here's an odd one that's been going on for years and somehow, inexplicably, it still is in the days of Outlook 2016.

You send a mail, and certain recipients complain of getting a mysterious attachment – – which they can't open or do anything with. Because you're sending mail in RTF format, and that's Windows' way of packaging up all the fonts and attachments you've included.

Outlook's calendar view can break your day down into much more accurate slices – just right click an empty calendar space, select View Settings Other Settings, and alter the timescale to your liking.