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He began by making the point that movements arise out of the conditions of their time, and that in the case of Quakerism the catalysts were the Civil War and arguments about secular and religious authority.

Therefore George Foxs opposition to the clergy and religious hierarchies provided an attractive option.

Beginning at the top end of Dentdale, and initially passed on from group to group, Fox made his way around the area.

After the war Thomas was responsible for the building of the Westfield Military Village in Lancaster on land given by Mr Herbert Lushington Storey.

Thomas had previously landscaped the gardens of Mr Storeys house Bailrigg which now forms part of Lancaster University.

The whole Mawson family moved to Windermere with Thomas running a landscape gardening practice with Robert and Isaac running, in conjunction, a nursery and contracting business.

Their first commission was to landscape a garden at Bryerswood in Far Sawrey.

He was soon able to send for his two brothers Robert and Isaac, his sister, Sarah, and his mother to join him.

In London he met Anna Prentice whom he married in 1884.

In his last years he and his wife moved from Hest Bank to Caton Hall before returning to Hest Bank where he died in 1933.

He was a man of international status having worked for Kings as well as Dukes, Lords and Viscounts.

Whilst on honeymoon in the Lake District Thomas received a letter telling him that a proposed business partnership had fallen through.