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It also set the stage for the creation of a variety of new therapeutic methods based on the fundamental principles of client-centered theory.

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Ultimately, the choice is made to save the latter individual, in part because Levi realizes that Erwin was actually relieved at the prospect of facing death, and it is successful, but the individual questions whether it was worth the sacrifice, and no one present can say anything much more encouraging than that he'll have to prove it was.The differences distinguishable among person-centered therapies probably make substantial differences in the experience of therapy by both client and therapist and make differences in what is observable on tapes and films and, probably, make differences in the effects of the therapy on the lives of its clients.We can study and understand these different effects much better if we distinguish practices.Functioning therapeutically outside those limits would be considered, perhaps, a new and other person-centered therapy.Or someone might, also, be developing a practice outside the defined limits of the person-centered therapies. The point is, this system of classification gets around the problem of freezing client-centered therapy but also permits distinctions in respect to the practices of therapy that are out there in the reality of therapeutic work.One last thought on the blockchain issue: It's even lampshaded at one point that his sacrifice "did more harm than good".