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When this happens, scientists revise their theories slightly to accommodate the new finding.We can thus expect that timings and minor details of the theory will change in the future.However, sufficient evidence exists in support of evolution to convince 99.85% of America’s earth and life scientists that the theory is valid.

"In January 2015 UNM Public Archaeology Graduate student Katherine Shaum collaborated with Sandia Grotto and the USFS to submit a grant to New Mexico Historic Preservation Division to fund the restoration."Under the hands-on supervision of Stratum Unlimited LLC, the restoration work was conducted by volunteers from the involved parties and the general public, and their wonderful results can be seen from the accompanying photos.Additionally, two ochre markings, one of which is a handprint, are illustrated which were discovered in the cave.All-in-all this seems like complete success and I congratulate all parties involved. It is impossible to prove that the theory of evolution is absolutely true.Sandia Cave (previously known as Sandia Man Cave) in New Mexico is an iconic site in the study of prehistory of North America.

Frank Cummings Hibben conducted excavations in the cave from 1936 - 1941, searching for evidence of pre-Folsom occupation.The lack of hard dates, however, and the state of the deposits in Sandia Cave, have made Hibben's claims somewhat controversial and the archaeological world has still not reached any solid consensus on them, although the site itself is important because of its place in history, and its record of use from the Paleoindian period to the present.(Arazi-Coambs and Rich 20)I made a visit to the cave in October, 1990, to see the site where these important, although somewhat controversial, discoveries were made.Since the universe was created recently, there could not possibly be enough time between creation and the present time to allow species to evolve by purely natural forces.That would take many hundreds of millions of years.Their acceptance in creation science is based mainly on two fundamental beliefs: One of the most fundamental assumptions held by conservative Protestants is that the Bible was inspired by God and thus is without error, as originally written.