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restart gracefully - Restart Asterisk gracefully restart now - Restart Asterisk immediately restart when convenient - Restart Asterisk at empty call volume sla show - Show status of Shared Line Appearances soft hangup - Request a hangup on a given channel stop gracefully - Gracefully shut down Asterisk stop now - Shut down Asterisk immediately stop when convenient - Shut down Asterisk at empty call volume stun debug - Enable STUN debugging stun debug off - Disable STUN debugging udptl debug - Enable UDPTL debugging udptl debug ip - Enable UDPTL debugging on IP udptl debug off - Disable UDPTL debuggingael debug contexts - Enable AEL contexts debug (does nothing) ael debug macros - Enable AEL macros debug (does nothing) ael debug read - Enable AEL read debug (does nothing) ael debug tokens - Enable AEL tokens debug (does nothing) ael nodebug - Disable AEL debug messages ael reload - Reload AEL configurationagi debug - Enable AGI debugging agi debug off - Disable AGI debugging agi dumphtml - Dumps a list of agi commands in html format agi show- List AGI commands or specific help dnsmgr reload - Reloads the DNS manager configuration dnsmgr status - Display the DNS manager status http show status - Display HTTP server statusconsole active - Sets/displays active console console answer - Answer an incoming console call console autoanswer - Sets/displays autoanswer console boost - Sets/displays mic boost in d B console dial - Dial an extension on the console console flash - Flash a call on the console console hangup - Hangup a call on the console console mute - Disable mic input console send text - Send text to the remote device console transfer - Transfer a call to a different extension console unmute - Enable mic inputcore clear profile - Clear profiling info core set debug channel - Enable/disable debugging on a channel core set debug - Set level of debug chattiness core set debug off - Turns off debug chattiness core set global - Set global dialplan variable core set verbose - Set level of verboseness core show applications - Shows registered dialplan applications core show application - Describe a specific dialplan application core show audio codecs - Displays a list of audio codecs core show channels - Display information on channels core show channel - Display information on a specific channel core show channeltypes - List available channel types core show channeltype - Give more details on that channel type core show codecs - Displays a list of codecs core show codec - Shows a specific codec core show config mappings - Display config mappings (file names to config engines) core show file formats - Displays file formats core show file version - List versions of files used to build Asterisk core show functions - Shows registered dialplan functions core show function - Describe a specific dialplan function core show globals - Show global dialplan variables core show hints - Show dialplan hints core show image codecs - Displays a list of image codecs core show image formats - Displays image formats core show license - Show the license(s) for this copy of Asterisk core show profile - Display profiling info core show switches - Show alternative switches core show threads - Show running threads core show translation - Display translation matrix core show uptime - Show uptime information core show version - Display version info core show video codecs - Displays a list of video codecs core show warranty - Show the warranty (if any) for this copy of Asteriskdatabase del - Removes database key/value database deltree - Removes database keytree/values database get - Gets database value database put - Adds/updates database value database show - Shows database contents database showkey - Shows database contentsdialplan add extension - Add new extension into context dialplan add ignorepat - Add new ignore pattern dialplan add include - Include context in other context dialplan reload - Reload extensions and *only* extensions dialplan remove extension - Remove a specified extension dialplan remove ignorepat - Remove ignore pattern from context dialplan remove include - Remove a specified include from context dialplan save - Save dialplan dialplan show - Show dialplandundi debug - Enable DUNDi debugging dundi flush - Flush DUNDi cache dundi lookup - Lookup a number in DUNDi dundi no debug - Disable DUNDi debugging dundi no store history - Disable DUNDi historic records dundi precache - Precache a number in DUNDi dundi query - Query a DUNDi EID dundi show entityid - Display Global Entity ID dundi show mappings - Show DUNDi mappings dundi show peers - Show defined DUNDi peers dundi show peer - Show info on a specific DUNDi peer dundi show precache - Show DUNDi precache dundi show requests - Show DUNDi requests dundi show trans - Show active DUNDi transactions dundi store history - Enable DUNDi historic recordsgtalk reload - Enable Jabber debugging gtalk show channels - Show Google Talk Channels jabber debug - Enable Jabber debugging jabber debug off - Disable Jabber debug jabber reload - Enable Jabber debugging jabber show connected - Show state of clients and components jabber test - Shows roster, but is generally used for mog's debugging.iax2 provision - Provision an IAX device iax2 prune realtime - Prune a cached realtime lookup iax2 reload - Reload IAX configuration iax2 set debug - Enable IAX debugging iax2 set debug jb - Enable IAX jitterbuffer debugging iax2 set debug jb off - Disable IAX jitterbuffer debugging iax2 set debug off - Disable IAX debugging iax2 set debug trunk - Enable IAX trunk debugging iax2 set debug trunk off - Disable IAX trunk debugging iax2 show cache - Display IAX cached dialplan iax2 show channels - List active IAX channels iax2 show firmware - List available IAX firmwares iax2 show netstats - List active IAX channel netstats iax2 show peers - List defined IAX peers iax2 show peer - Show details on specific IAX peer iax2 show provisioning - Display iax provisioning iax2 show registry - Display IAX registration status iax2 show stats - Display IAX statistics iax2 show threads - Display IAX helper thread info iax2 show users - List defined IAX users iax2 test losspct - Set IAX2 incoming frame loss percentagemanager show command - Show a manager interface command manager show commands - List manager interface commands manager show connected - List connected manager interface users manager show eventq - List manager interface queued events manager show users - List configured manager users manager show user - Display information on a specific manager usermgcp audit endpoint - Audit specified MGCP endpoint mgcp reload - Reload MGCP configuration mgcp set debug - Enable MGCP debugging mgcp set debug off - Disable MGCP debugging mgcp show endpoints - List defined MGCP endpointspri debug span - Enables PRI debugging on a span pri intense debug span - Enables REALLY INTENSE PRI debugging pri no debug span - Disables PRI debugging on a span pri set debug file - Sends PRI debug output to the specified file pri show debug - Displays current PRI debug settings pri show spans - Displays PRI Information pri show span - Displays PRI Information pri unset debug file - Ends PRI debug output to filequeue add member - Add a channel to a specified queue queue remove member - Removes a channel from a specified queue queue show - Show status of a specified queue rtcp debug ip - Enable RTCP debugging on IP rtcp debug - Enable RTCP debugging rtcp debug off - Disable RTCP debugging rtcp stats - Enable RTCP stats rtcp stats off - Disable RTCP stats rtp debug ip - Enable RTP debugging on IP rtp debug - Enable RTP debugging rtp debug off - Disable RTP debugging say load - Set/show the say mode show parkedcalls - Lists parked calls show queue - Show information for target queue show queues - Show the queuessip history - Enable SIP history sip history off - Disable SIP history sip notify - Send a notify packet to a SIP peer sip prune realtime - Prune cached Realtime object(s) sip prune realtime peer - Prune cached Realtime peer(s) sip prune realtime user - Prune cached Realtime user(s) sip reload - Reload SIP configuration sip set debug - Enable SIP debugging sip set debug ip - Enable SIP debugging on IP sip set debug off - Disable SIP debugging sip set debug peer - Enable SIP debugging on Peername sip show channels - List active SIP channels sip show channel - Show detailed SIP channel info sip show domains - List our local SIP domains.

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