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Their relationship started as a typical teenage romance, but quickly evolved into something darker.

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Lilith next migrated to the world of the ancient Hittites, Egyptians, Israelites and Greeks.She makes a solitary appearance in the Bible, as a wilderness demon shunned by the prophet Isaiah.In most manifestations of her myth, Lilith represents chaos, seduction and ungodliness.Yet, in her every guise, Lilith has cast a spell on humankind.The ancient name “Lilith” derives from a Sumerian word for female demons or wind spirits—the , discover the cultural contexts for many of Israel’s earliest traditions. The mighty ruler Gilgamesh is the world’s first literary hero; he boldly slays monsters and vainly searches for the secret to eternal life.) tree, the wood of which she hopes to fashion into a throne and bed for herself.

Explore Mesopotamian creation myths, Joseph’s relationship with Egyptian temple practices and three different takes on the location of Ur of the Chaldees, the birthplace of Abraham., a Sumerian epic poem found on a tablet at Ur and dating from approximately 2000 B. Inanna’s plans are nearly thwarted, however, when a dastardly triumvirate possesses the tree.According to medieval Jewish tradition, Lilith was Adam’s first wife, before Eve.When Adam insisted she play a subservient role, Lilith grew wings and flew away from Eden.For 4,000 years Lilith has wandered the earth, figuring in the mythic imaginations of writers, artists and poets.Her dark origins lie in Babylonian demonology, where amulets and incantations were used to counter the sinister powers of this winged spirit who preyed on pregnant women and infants.Levine added that he wasn’t nervous, but admitted that will probably change when his daughter arrived, saying, “I’ll probably be a lot more freaked out when I see the baby and I’m like, ‘Oh, there’s a baby now!