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Ritual sacrifices were a way to appease the gods and bring fertility to the land.

In the dream, the teacher scolds me and I notice that the classroom is in a state of decay. Dreams set at school are very often reported by people from all age groups.

Sometimes these dreams highlight childhood insecurities that have still not been resolved.

If you are the sacrificial victim, the dream may be a reflection of your attitude. Perhaps you have tendencies of self-punishment and self-denial.

You may feel that other people undervalue your talents and good qualities.

For example, this dream, set in a decaying school building, suggests that the dreamer is carrying disappointed childhood expectations or unpleasant memories.

In addition, the schoolteacher is a classic symbol for authority and may represent his father and others who have determined the course of his life.

Salt has also been used as a symbol for enlightenment: If salt is mixed with water what becomes of it? In addition, the savage may be a shadow figure representing the aspects of yourself that you reject or banish to the jungles of the unconscious.

The salt crystals are gone but if we taste the water we know that it is still there. The individual has gone but the essence remains as part of the One. Sometimes the shadow can appear as a helpful guise.

Perhaps you are sacrificing your principles or your human values?

In a spiritual context, the ego must be sacrificed so that the divine self can emerge.

As well as the strait forward interpretation of travel, dream oracles advise that dreams of sailors on shore predict a new romance.