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Click on the picture for a larger version - look for the wireless camera at the top of the white pole.The one-minute video below shows the camera in action at this cavity: This color camera transmits images wirelessly to a handheld video monitor/DVR where they can be viewed and recorded as still images or as standard-definition video.

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In July 2010 I was contacted by Kaitlyn Thomason, a young lady who had attended the Arkansas Audubon Society's Halberg Ecology Camp.

She wanted to do something to help Red-cockaded Woodpeckers and the researchers that study them, so she applied for a grant that would have funded me to build 15 of the cameras to give away to researchers.

Brandon studied PIWOs over a several-year period in eastern Arkansas for his Ph D, which he received in 2011.

He and his field crew monitored numerous nests and radio-tagged many birds to study their movements.The camera swayed about on the end of the pole and finally went into the cavity.There were two eggs in the cavity (the video taken by the wireless camera was recorded on a camcorder on the ground for later reference).The light weight makes it easy to carry and to manipulate at the end of a long, flexible pole.The monitor/DVR screen is 3.5" measured diagonally. The monitor/DVR has built-in digital video recording capability, as well as a rechargeable battery.It will record video or still images and is compatible with NTSC or PAL formats (all cameras we sell are NTSC).