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Melbourne, Viera, Titusville and West Melbourne followed suit, in that order.From left: Jesse Arnold, Grant Summers and Jonathan Barnes have a couple of cold ones at the Playalinda Brewing Company in Titusville.Kelly is also a published author in 3 different publications and has a monthly column, “The Single Scene”, which has been running for 8 years.

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We are an invitation-only club of people like you spending social time having fun with like-minded people. You must be single and over 21 years of age to be a member of Events & Adventures.If you are married you must wait until you have filed for divorce to become a member.“It’s hard to find a girl on our level, our age group and who has the ability to speak English correctly,” said Summers, noting poor grammar as a turn off. “You know that part at the end where they are out looking for the living people in a sea of dead people? “That’s the dating scene in Brevard.” Barnes added, “We feel stuck with the leftovers.” Mikki Corriveau, 27, who teaches in Cocoa, but lives in Titusville, explained her side of this.She said when you have a career and you’re dedicated to it, it’s hard to find time to get out and meet people.And perhaps knowing the county so well is also an issue, said 26-year-old Doug Brzeski, explaining he needed a "fresh start" somewhere else.

“I can’t necessarily blame the area,” said Brzeski, as we chatted over coffee in Sunrise Bread Company.

The two met each other over a lunch date, and their relationship blossomed from there. “I think it’s hard to meet people in Brevard unless you do the bar scene,” she said.

“I didn’t go to bars very often so I had a hard time meeting people, so I tried ” Townsend said worked famously for her, and she is now engaged.

Now, this doesn’t mean they don’t have a boyfriend or girlfriend, it just means they aren’t married.

This number also includes those widowed or divorced.

Maybe it’s not so hard to find a girl, they explained, but to find the right girl seems pretty impossible, especially someone who isn’t already tied down.