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Is that a bat in your pocket, or does my costume excite you? It's the only one I've got, to fall in love with you at first sight. You look so good, you're making my man-bits rise from the dead. Is that candy in your pocket or are you just happy to see me? Are you being a ghost for Halloween, or are you just my boo? I'm dressed up as a fake werewolf right now, but I become a real beast in the bedroom. If you were a jack-o'-lantern, I'd totally light your candle. What's a nice ghoul like you doing in a crypt like this? (UPS Delivery Costume) Excuse me, Miss, could you sign for this package? Trick or treat at my place and I guarantee you'll get a full-size Snickers bar! (Police Costume) Good thing I’m here, it has to be illegal to look that good.These one-liners and humorous anecdotes look at funny pick up lines from a variety of perspectives, and try to find humor in wry observations, through irony and sarcasm, and even just by being silly.

Human beings love to laugh, and being able to notice life's little absurdities can make even bad days seem a bit cheerier, and help catch the eyes of the ladies (or gents! Some of these funny ice breakers and one-liners are designed with that in mind, from amusing little witticisms to obscure references to puns.

What good lines do you always go to when you spot a hottie across the bar?

This list of pick up line jokes and humor, culled from TV shows, films, stand-up comedy and pop culture might help you add an icebreaker or two to your rotation.

Masini says not to go too dark or shoot for “slip on a banana peel” humour: “Aim for charm and chuckle.” While Shea says if the person you’re messaging has written a funny profile, try to mimic that style of humour in your line.

Suggested lines: “What’s a smart, attractive man/woman like myself doing without your number?

Others take a more satirical approach and are cheesy ice breaker lines that use hypocrisy and criticism for laughs.