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But the Windows giant added that it may examine private files and conversations that potentially breach the code-of-conduct if the biz receives a complaint from someone, be it a Skype chat or an email, etc.

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A Redmond spokesperson sent us the following answer: We are committed to providing our customers with safe and secure experiences while using our services.

The recent changes to the Microsoft Service Agreement’s Code of Conduct provide transparency on how we respond to customer reports of inappropriate public content.

Smut and foul language also have no business at, the classroom-friendly edition of the uber-popular Minecraft.

The Register asked Microsoft if the new legalese was intended to stop people swearing on Skype or in Word or One Drive files.If you subscribe to a Microsoft service, make sure you stay within the code of conduct.Microsoft insisted it won't actively police its services and randomly delve into your stuff – but, beware: it will investigate complaints from people offended by what you do on Redmond's platforms in public.Contact Centre Privacy Notice If you need to write to us please use the postal address from your correspondence with the Council or use: Wirral Council PO Box 290 Wallasey CH27 9FQ If you need to speak to someone in person please visit one of our One Stop Shops.Microsoft has advised customers that offensive language on Skype, in an email, or in an Office 365 Word document is a potentially account-closing offense under its updated terms of use.On The Register’s reading of the rules, a profanity-laden file written in Office 365, or an email with a nude selfie attached sent using, fall on the wrong side of the code, if reported to Microsoft by someone.