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New Jersey’s average temperature has risen more than 2 degrees the last 30 years, a pace that outstrips most of the nation, putting thousands of Shore homes at risk of chronic flooding, and forcing fish to find new habitats, according to new data bolstering years of science on climate change.

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New Jersey’s problems only start with rising water.Compounding the flooding, land is slowly sinking, mostly for geological reasons, though groundwater extraction and development also contribute.The Pinelands have suffered the tree-munching southern pine beetle, an invasive species from the South now able to thrive further north because of warming. The Poconos have experienced a near 2-degree rise over the same span, according to the data.Though this winter was good for Poconos ski tourism, prior years have been tougher on the ski industry.Beyond the Philadelphia region, rainfall in the Northeast has more than doubled in the 30 years covered by the data analysis.

Accordingly, big storms — both tropical storms and hurricanes — are more frequent.The Arctic has warmed twice as fast as the rest of the world.NASA satellites have shown three inches of sea level rise over the last few decades.This year’s Nor’easters gave the community a strong taste of what’s coming.Toms River, Cape May and Atlantic City are other communities in danger of chronic flooding, according to the data.Nevertheless, he said, what’s happening to the coast is indisputably due to rising temperatures.