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Ellis has mostly come to terms with his changed circumstances, and enjoys the isolation that keeps his violent streak in check.

While digging up his garden, he discovers a severed hand wearing a unique ring.

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Jussi Adler-Olsen The Keeper of Lost Causes [Dutton 2011, Denmark 2007] introduces Carl Mørck, an experienced homicide detective in Copenhagen, Denmark, recovering from a shooting that left one partner dead and another paralyzed.

Since Carl is obviously not ready to resume full time duties, his boss makes him the head of the new one-man Department Q, responsible for cold cases deserving special scrutiny.

Banished to the windowless basement, Carl mopes and snoozes until Hafez-el-Assad, his new assistant, pesters him into taking an interest in the case of Metete Lynggaard, the vice-chairperson of the Social Democratic party who disappeared from the Rødby-Puttgarden ferry five years earlier.

Though hired as a combination janitor/secretary, Assad demonstrates a flair for detection, a talent for weaseling information out of uncooperative bureaucrats, and precisely the ingenious enthusiasm necessary to prod the traumatized and cynical Carl back to a semblance of his old investigative brilliance.

Willow’s best friend Kaylee and three others have already opened textile boutiques in Threadville, to the dismay of some of the locals, who are concerned that women will soon vastly outnumber the men.

Worried about making ends meet in her new endeavor, Willow applies for a building permit to renovate the tiny cottage at the back of her property next to the creek.Together, Gianni and Guastafeste set off on a hunt through time and across Europe to trace the history of the box, perhaps owned by Paganini, and to search for the mysterious violin-shaped object which left an impression in the velvet lining.Fascinating musical and historical details embellish this clever and stylish mystery.This funny caper novel, featuring an appealing protagonist with more heart than sense, is the first in a series.Reginald Hill The Woodcutter (Harper 2011, UK 2010) is the story of Sir Wilfred “Wolf” Hadda, the son of a Cumbrian woodcutter who transformed himself into a rich man married to the woman of his dreams with the perfect child. Wolf is arrested on suspicion of financial finagling and involvement in child pornography.This debut novel was a finalist for the 1998 Barry and Arthur Ellis Awards for Best First Novel.