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So how do you know for sure that they want to kiss you?

Positioning their foot between your legs is an indication of comfort and attraction and may be a ploy to get into your intimate space.How close they’d like to get depends on how close your respective groins are.If they’ve positioned their front foot between your legs, so that both your groins are touching, they’re already thinking about what it would be like to be physically intimate with you.A rapid blink rate suggests that they’re psychologically aroused (or excited) and you’ve got their attention.Sticky eyes (that seemingly breathe you in) are a universal courtship signal indicating attraction, but that’s not all that they reveal.

Pay attention to where their eyes rest for clues about their intentions.

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There’s nothing quite like those delicious moments before that first kiss.

The forward lean is a primitive subconscious response controlled by the orientating reflex (OR).

The OR kicks in automatically when you see someone you like, causing our muscles to contract to bring us closer to kiss.

Attraction causes our lips to engorge with blood making them ultra-sensitive to touch.