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Music, like many other aspects of Afghani culture, revolves around the nation’s dominant religion, Islam.Traditional music in Afghanistan is diverse, with different regions of the country having distinct traditional musical styles.

Afghan cuisine is a reflection of the nation’s cultural diversity.The staple crops in Afghanistan are rice, barley, wheat, and maize.Modernization has resulted in the infiltration of western influences into the Afghani culture, which is most profound in the country’s major cities.Religion plays an integral role in the shaping of Afghanistan’s culture and has influenced other spheres of the country’s culture.Many prominent Afghani citizens and government officials wore the Pashtun clothing during formal occasions.

The country is also known for its traditional carpets known as Afghan rugs which are woven locally in the western and northern part of the country.Roasted lamb kebab is a popular snack in the country and can be found on many street vendor stalls in the country.As an Islamic nation, consumption of alcoholic drinks is not popular in Afghanistan and mainly observed with expatriates living in major cities such as Kabul.Among the most popular traditional attires in Afghanistan is the Pashtun clothing.The attire’s design is inspired by Pashtun culture and comes in male and female variants.Rice is the dominant food item in many Afghan kitchens, with a local rice dish known as the “Kabuli palaw” being recognized as Afghanistan’s national dish.