online speed dating calgary Against interracial marriage and dating

Humans are the only part of creation with the inborn ability to "decide," to make choices.

here is only one way to honestly begin a discussion about interracial marriage. It is contrary to all known laws of physiology, physics, and nature.

It should be obvious to any thinking person that he mixture of different peoples, substances, chemicals, races, and even atoms, weakens all its altered parts.

Close examination reveals that these are the men whose religious principles guided their views of smaller government, a free economy, and the notion that a nation could become the home for many races, living and working together but maintaining separate blood lines.

Until the late 1800s there were even laws forbidding mixed marriages.

The Tower of Babel is only one of the many instances where the Creator demonstrates his distaste for the amalgamation of the races.

The new and sophisticated modus operandi began four decades ago with the gradual elimination of national boarders, removing racial and cultural differences and a vicious campaign that ripped away the credibility of "white men." All this, in the latest attempt to erect a strange global community.Instead it speaks to a creative wisdom working to preserve each element, kind, species and race as it was originally created--forming a universe where an unnumbered variety cooperate in the shaping of a beautiful whole.I argue that a similar mandate exists for humans, but unlike the pine tree, a blade of grass, or the great white shark, we can ignore this mandate.The prevailing argument would suggest that to be racist! I have counseled many mixed couples who falsely believed the races carry no psychological/spiritual differences.I have rarely spoken to such a couple who see marital troubles were not compounded by an undiscovered motive to escape the psychological environment that formed them as children.It is obvious that nature "intermarries nothing." It is a natural law of existence to pair, or reproduce "like kinds only." If one goes to the store for cranapple juice, nature, not nature's God, produced it.