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We know online dating can be frustrating, so we built our site with one goal in mind: Make online dating free, easy, and fun for everyone.Finding a date with Mingle2 has never been simpler.Nobody makes it into medicine, engineering, law, ... Other than that, they're mostly just regular folks with better-than average incomes, (for now, anyway) worse-than-average schedules and the whole variety of personalities - arrogant, insecure, and everything in between.

But those people became members before we restricted our geographical target. Meet single Flight attendants in your local area at Flight Attendant Friends, the Free Dating Site for Single Flight Attendants.Air traffic controllers share a similar twisted sense of humor: ATC: "Northwest 123, turn right immediately to a heading of two seven zero for noise abatement."Pilot: "Two seven zero heading it is, but we're cruising at 31,000 feet. "ATC: "There's another aircraft at your altitude; if you didn't turn, you would have hit him and made a really big noise."Disclosure: I fly light airplanes (under 12,500 pounds) but never pursued an airline career. My brother is a pilot - and not an as$hole, he's actually a loving devoted husband I've only met one other pilot - here on Po F - and he was arrogant to say the least - not to mention his kooky schedule To all the pilots that are nice guys - sorry - my experience with one was less than stellar and because of their scheduling I'm sure it's a lonely life for the decent single ones Just as in life and any profession, the good mixed with the bad... As for airline pilots I haven't dated any but I've known some over the years. Some are real jerks while others are wonderful people. I can only remember one with a God complex, and he was Airforce ... Sounds like that person (people) are attracting the wrong types in the first place .... The pilots I've met have been arrogant, full of themselves and just plain a$$holes. To the pilots out there that are nice guys my apologies.

Writing off a whole group of people based on the occupation is there........i can answer your question from personal experience.....heard of men with bigger egos than their bodies well that is why....must be prepared for this and do not my darlin think anyone commands respect they must always earn it......i do believe that the man's worth is measured by his humbleness.........there is no humbleness no worth babe no matter what the title seems to be.......course each man is individual but this is my personal experience and because of it i would choose to pass......cheers I am one ... and it probably would happen if it was a Doctor or Lawyer or any other line of work too. Luna Well just remember it's the person not the occupation.

Im sure some of you are going to spin out from my comments..guess what im not scared haha!

You need to be very focused to advance to an airline pilot job in the first place, but that's true of every other profession.

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