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I am a single, white American male, 44, living in a large Midwestern city.I contacted this 33 year old, single woman, after joining the Absolute Agency dating service, in January 2001.Once she received this money from me, she never wrote me again. I can understand agencies asking for money for internet and letter translation, they cannot all be bad?

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In addition, I can send you copies of all letters I have received from her. I like smile people around me and don't like when someone is hurt and I am unable to help him. The told me that that is the policy of American Government. I was very happy about it, and at that time I thought that it was the God's sign. I want you to be my teacher of English and other things. And answering your question, my favorite flowers are white roses and blue daisywheels. Yes, you are right, I prefer tea and mineral water. Yesterday I saw sexual dream about us with you, it was very much excited and I want to tell it to you. By the way, I believe I asked her in the previous letter for her address, but she simply ignored my request. She also said that we must hurry to be together and this was so little money to an American!Again, I do hope that you are running a legitimate service and that you will take my charges seriously. I like it when there is a man whom I love and to know that he is happy with me, I don't like to be alone for a long time. I like to cuddle and kiss in front of the fireplace. So, two way ticket with dinner there , the medical support, the consul pay, The money for Visa, and for services of the agency. I dreamed as we meet with you, as you take me to hands, we go to you home. I find this site to be invaluable, for despite my experiences, I'm a bit naive in corresponding. My e-mail is 3rd email states she will not be online for 19 days as her 'boss' hasnt paid her the salary, and would I wait WELL she is DROP DEAD GORGEOUS so I send a few replies off, as well as mentioning I've seen her ad on other sites! I replied, explaining that I have a friend at work, who married a a young lady from St. Unfortunately, I too can not transfer(translate) a unit of measurements. To me very much It is pleasant, that you liked my last letter. I earlier very much with the mum went on Russia, when some more prices for the tickets were not Expensive(dear).And the description she gives of herself is the same as that which was given in the January profile for Alya A592629. Thanks God, I don't cough any more(touch the wood):)! When I woke up my mother told me that I was smiling. But now don't remember it unfortunately, otherwise I would write you in detail my dream. I totally agree with you about the time for me to come to you. So, we agree upon this that the first two weeks of June will be perfect for both of us. I went to the tour agency to ask them about everything. By nature I am communicative, cheerful, honest, loyal, sensitive and optimistic. If you can send me this money through the system Western Union. ), lives with her father Vasily (a boiler serviceman) and her mother Tatyana( a school teacher) (I did find a Tatyana Ershova via internet searches, who is and educator on several councils in Russia, but not in Magadan), is Orthodox Christian, and she doesn't smoke (except in one picture, she is astride a horse and holding a cigarette! She mentions her loyal sheepdog Tuzik, who protected her from an attack (Rin-Tin-Tin and Lassie combined, I presume) and the men in Russia who are all drunks and smoke and want to drag women into bed.I hope that you are running a lawful service and that my very bad experience is an exception. I like very much to receive guests and to make picnics with them. I can understand your worries about the time we are to separate. But to tell the truth , I think more about our first meet, how our eyes will see each other for the first time. I think, it would be very interesting for both of us. So, they told me that now is the calm or quiet time for them, people don't want to go out to have a rest. My main life goal is to create a happy, united family with a faithful, honest, sincere and loving man. Only necessarily write to me on mine present e-mail: [email protected] my love Duane! Money must be sent for my name to the address branches: When you will come to the bank, there to you will be given the Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN) which consists of 10 figures. Once I saw on the TV advertising Western Union system. After several letters (never on the weekends, and usually a day's response lag time, also word for word from letters on this site) "she" began professsing deep love and writing poetry (I found in a letter that one of us have posted on this site).I would hope too, that you will immediately remove this profile for Kit A875179, before she steals from anyone else. Now when the weather is rather cold and there is much snow everywhere. I'd like to be your guide and to show you my country in such a way that you love it forever. I have a feeling that from each your call you know much to understand each other. Every evening I read your letter and each time I find something new in it. I really want to talk to you for all the night, I think, it will be very interesting for you too. I am very happy that we found each other to be together. So, if we do everything now they promised me to arrange everything very quickly and without any problems. Family means a lot to me, and it is my main priority in life. You should send me these figures which will help me to receive this money. This is explained by fact that one of my girlfriends works in this bank. I responded in kind, and questioning about Magadan (which is actually my hometown's "sister city", so I have a fair amount of information to draw on) and not getting matching responses to sites and streets, the warning alarms began going off.

And I hope that you will contact this person and let her know that you are aware of her illegal actions. As you do I like to travel very much, to meet different people, to admire different places, to be in touch with nature. I like to walk in the parks and to admire the fresh winter air. I like to read good books when I have free time, I like to listen to the music. I think, that I can used to your English and now can understand you , maybe rather badly, but I think, it is a great progress for both of us:). Well, as last I wrote the letter to Natasha the other day. And if we delay now, foe example, in the middle of April or May, there will be crowds of people and it won't be very well. As always, waiting for your letter and your call With much love and tender Alya I had been contacted by Anastasia for a period of (3) weeks prior to her asking for Visa money. I am happy for you, but I myself feel lonely without you beside me. For me the word "family" includes a man who can make me happy, home comfort and tranquility, quiet romantic evenings spent near the fire-place, noisy parties for friends and traveling for summer vacation. The system Western Union is the most reliable system money translations all over the world. I am very glad that you want to see me, unfortunately, there are necessary money for our meeting, but money is only paper, main that we shall meet with you. When I hear about this awful incident, immediately has gone to hospital. The doctors have said, that it is necessary immediately to make operation to her . When we were left by my father, she was the unique people who always cared about me and understood me. Her letters also never used my first name, and I do know that even in Cyrillic text, there are corresponding letters.

Sure enough, in a letter on June 6, she asked for money to pay for an internet service. I hope with your help I can write to you without problems.

She sent me this letter: My girlfriend has told me, that it is best to receive money through firm "Western Union". But I do not no what address give you as I live in a hostel. I never used this firm, but I hope, that all will be in the order.

I have been to Russia four times, and Ukraine once. My bust: 89 cm, waist: 58 cm, hips: 87 cm (if you intrested it). But I think, that for you are important not my external data, and what I inside. Now we have summer, in the street it is very heat and is wet also to me hardly to visit Internet-cafe. I hope soon I shall receive the salary and I can write for you more. Anyway her 1st reply was to inform wrong country listed as below: Hello. At first I must tell you that I live in Ukraine in city Kherson. She don't here now and I don't know how work wit my ad. Finally, I advised her to be patient, as my portfolio is rather diversified, and to sell the investments too early would cause a severe penalty, so it would be about 2 months to complete all of the necessary arrangements. But in the present Time I work By the cook in a restaurant. At me very beautiful eyes, I think that you will estimate My sight on a photo. I often go in an exercise room and in fitness club I I like to keep Itself in the form. I consider(count) what is it lien of youth, Beauty and health. We should understand the friend It is better than the friend. Your letters Will help to me To teach(learn) your language it is better. From two parties is washed by waters of bays Nagaev and Gertner. To me to like to go for a walk on his(its) streets, to visit museums. I love to look cinema, I like the Russian comedies, and melodrama, me very much To like film Romeo and Juliet with Leonardo de Caprio. I can call you from mail, if you will give me the telephone number. It is the sheep-dog, I love To go with it(her) to go for a walk, to play she(it) answers me by reciprocity and always protects me If to me someone wants to stick. I shall be with impatience To wait for your answer. The visa to me to permit(solve) be with you 90 days you is right and that she(it) will be received unessentially that by(with) you to arrive to me.

I thought I had found the right Russian girl, who was definitely not a scammer, but she was and has been reluctant to leave her country. One possible scammer I'd like to bring to your attention is a woman called Anjela, in Kherson, Ukraine. I contacted her in early July, and she responded to me quickly on July 7. I was born on July 17, 1979 in beautiful city Kherson, where I live now."Hi, honey. I very much want to write you and to know you better, but I so afraid that you will not want to wait while I can write letter for you. I have not received a response since (that was on 15 July 2001). We should pass Long way that in the end we shall understand together whether or not. I have no the home computer, because it very much Dearly for me. The general(common) area of city makes about 18 000 hectares. At us inin City is of theatres, museums, houses of culture.e. At us very good family, the father works in boiler-house stoker, and mum the teacher. Write to me about itself more more and do not overlook(forget) to send me number The telephone. Yes I really to want to arrive to you and to lead(carry out) with you well time.

I also "her" advised that a contact I made in the military (I am a Reserve Officer) who will contact the FSB and attempt to track said persons. I search for the person with which I could To conduct all life. On streets water flows and the kids start upup The ships, sing birds, the sun shines and heats. I II hope that we with youou Well we learn(find out) one another and the computer can, it is simply impossible, will help to usus To find one another.r. She(it) never will give up to me in advice(council). Sessions, you know that this such, do not sleep at the night worry, and when comes Day of examination, heart simply jumps out from a breast. It is very perfect when in family there is a mutual understanding. Today I all day thought only of you, about that as we with you Let's meet. Before I go further I want to say that please do not think that I'm trying to make my letters interesting in order to know each other. I am being truthful about me and my intentions and I would appreciate if you will be the same! And now I study at the University, faculty of Economic, 2 course.