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I found staff to be kind and understanding and overall would highly recommend Allianz in the future. The staff were always polite, and apologetic for the delays.

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We had been with Allianz for 3 years before we lodged our first claim with them.

Having had a couple of previous experiences with other insurers over a period of 9 years, it was our hope that our stressed conditions would be taken care of like the ALLIANZ TV ad. Their helplines had such long waits and even if you patiently go through the thing, on one occasion, after waiting for an hour, I had the line disconnect on me at the hour. So many calls, because always critical pieces of information in the next step was missing.

As an answer I got a denial letter from AGA (see below pic #3 and #4).

The style and form of the answer absolutely unacceptable and rude.

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My house was robbed and 2 cars where stollen at the same time my sister insured with another company had quick effective service mine was another story I was investigated like the criminal I was then made wait weeks for me car to be looked at and when I really wanted answers when they delivered my car to the incorrect repairer the said owe you have 4 year old license suspensions that’s holding up your claim ( the car was stollen ) Nobody was driving the car from the policy and at this point a month on I have no car no rental car and still waiting I have cried and cried over this and there is nothing I can do Just got my renewal notice went up from 2 to 5.

On a BMW 320i 2007 model valued at ,000 my other car is a Toyota Cruiser 2013 value ,000. I suspect Allianz is slugging customers to recoup there costs losses after ASIC slammed them for dodgy add on insurance.

So no transport for three weeks (Add two waiting for loan approval... Now told they will give me 0 or I will charge storage fee. They have not only stolen my car but are now extorting me for money. Oh did i mention, while i was assaulted and robbed of my car, I locked the thief in a compound as i was concerned as to his condition to drive as he was high as a kite.

5 weeks with no transport.) Then I the rang police, after two months, to find my trashed vehicle as a mate offered to fix it. I hoyed the police up the road and when they arrived, they sat in their cars, watched (Three car loads) and didn't lift a finger, giving the drugged up thief had enough time to examine the situation, do a u turn and then ram my car, 3 times through the locked gate trying to escape.

I know for a fact there was one on there, I described it in detail to the insurer and I have never taken this off however they said their repairer did not touch it.