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Siano: Ultimately, right now is the biggest sacrifice I have.

I mean, there are other things, but definitely that is the most recent and something that I cherish to have that time. Siano: First born, six weeks old, a boy named Nathan Michael. It doesn’t matter who the opponent is, we want to win every one when we step on that field.

It’s definitely a game-changer, and it definitely puts your life into perspective. You see guys come back to practice and they work withour guys and they communicate with them. Rick: Having been privileged to see a lot of those games between you guys over the last few years, I know they are very good games.

We just play our baseball ; we know what we do well.

We know our strengths and we play to our strengths.

Now that Summit Christian is no longer around, West Boca has the last state title in Palm Beach, yet, when people speak of the top programs in the county, you are rarely mentioned.

Why do you think you guys fly so far under the radar?Then obviously game days, and I teach here so I put 12 or 13 hour days in and I’m not home with my baby. They are crosstown rivals and our kids play with them year round, so you want to beat both of them.So that is definitely the ultimate sacrifice for me right now. I don’t think either one is more important than the other. Every time we step on the field, even as coaches, we do different things.Siano: I was fortunate enough in the situation I walked into.Our program had all the bolts to it, and it just needed a little bit of changing in some of the philosophies that had to be done.We talk about it as a team, it doesn’t matter what other people think of us, whether it’s good or bad.