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I was still expected to bend down and touch the feet of an elder as a sign of respect, wear proper Indian dress on several occasions, and to respect the customs of the country. Although I did not have a chance to visit Bangalore, I knew that this was a more-than-adequate place to gather my evidence. The display windows with saris and lenghas not withstanding, I could have sworn I was in North America. I was surprised to see young couples walking around holding hands or embracing casually.

Many were sporting western clothes--jeans, skirts (some mini, Mom), tank tops, and high heels.

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But I wanted to know what my generation of Indians, those in their 20s and 30s, really think about how things have evolved over the past few years.

I probed every person I hung out with to get an idea of what it feels like to be young in India today.

I heard about girls in jeans and t-shirts dating, even living with their boyfriends--much to their parents’ consternation--in Bangalore.

I heard that Pizza Huts and Mc Donald’s had sprung up everywhere.

The evenings provided me with the best ammunition for my assault of my mother’s “Indian” values.

The City Centre Mall in Gurgaon is home to several clubs, including Buzz, which was our first stop in our tour of the nightlife.

Men generally only kiss women (apart from their relatives). Who would of thought that a simple little greeting could have such a complicated set of rules?

Near the end of a hot Oklahoma summer my husband and I boarded a plane for India, the far-off, exotic birthplace of my parents and older sister.

They understand and carry out their duties to their families, and simply hide away their more westernized lifestyles.

One person with whom I spoke at length, Sanjay (names have been changed to protect the not-so-innocent), is to be married soon.

Could India, a civilization so entrenched in its eastern values, really be morphing into the West?