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“People in the Bogside were afraid for their lives last night,” she said.

“These people who are supposedly republicans, who are supposedly trying to get a United Ireland are destroying their area,” he said.

Sinn Fein’s Elisha Mc Callion said “sinister elements” were spurring on the violence.

It claimed two “explosive devices” had been thrown at them in an “attempt to murder police officers”.

Earlier on Thursday morning, as violence escalated ahead of the Orange Order parade, the PSNI said shots had been fired towards their position high on the city walls.

INJURIES Finally, two men, Peter Nugent and James Rafferty, were released without charge, Rafferty to Tyrone County Hospital in Omagh where he spent four days recovering from his injuries.

The remaining five were charged (and subsequently convicted) on the sole basis of statements made during that interrogation.

Over the next few days all seven men were held in Omagh RUC barracks, interrogated about IRA operations in East Tyrone since 1972, and systematically tortured by detectives from the newly established Regional Crime Squad.

The men had their hair pulled, their ears slapped, they were made to stand for prolonged periods in the ‘search position’ against a wall, they were kicked and punched and forced to do exercises for lengthy periods.

Posted by Jim on July 18, 2018 This past week the AOH met in our 99th ennial Convention.

While attending one of our meetings the Florida Vice President, Ray Lynch, proposed to the order that a committee be formed to study the possibility of creating a pin honoring members who served, or are serving, as 1st Responders in America.

Politicians in Derry condemned the violence but notably did not condemn the PSNI’s use of plastic bullets.