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This is our moment - this is our burden - and this is our challenge.This report seeks to get us out of our comfort zones by forcefully presenting our situation to the worker leadership.

To help marginalised communities organise themselves for transformation is not demagogy.To speak the truth, however awkward or unwelcome, is not demagogy.At best, political leadership are confined to managing the effects of this situation.At worst, the leadership continues to act to reproduce these negative features.The Alliance lurches between good coordination and unity, to dysfunctionality; and only sees the need to meet when there is a crisis While important interventions have been made in the movement and the state in an attempt to respond to these developments, lack of consistency by the political leadership in arresting this situation has meant that we perpetually lurch from temporary advances to political crisis.

Because leadership structures are so compromised by these negative features, and contestation by different forces, they appear unable to forge a principled and coherent platform to place our politics on a different trajectory.Others are opportunists wanting to influence us for their narrow interests. Former SACP General Secretary, Cde Charles Nqakula put it clearly: "Demagogy is an attempt to stir up popular emotions in order to secure a bigger slice of the action for an elite." He went on to say, " voice the concerns of the poorest of the poor is not demagogy.We therefore need to consider whether our current strategy is adequate, and what more, or different, can be done, to move the country onto a new political path.Assessing the 2015 Plan It is nearly 10 years since COSATU adopted its landmark 2015 Plan at the 2003 Congress.Demagogy refuses collective responsibility and collective discipline.