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AN ENTREPRENEUR mum has launched a dating agency that aims to bring back “old fashioned romance” after modern dating apps left her daughter unimpressed.Dennie Smith, 56, from Caterham, Surrey, is hoping her site uk will be an antidote to throw-away internet dating culture - by offering a chance for couples to meet in a more meaningful sense.Young people tell me they don’t want their friends to know they are hooking up online because in a small country word travels fast.

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“My rules are completely different, I joined some free sites and I didn’t have to sign up to anything really, my rule is you have to say you are officially single and looking for a relationship long term. “You have to have a photo on my site, some you can join without even doing that.“It’s still the same principle of whoever catches your eye, but the photo has to be modest, because again a lot of these sites people show everything, they’re just about showing off.Matches are encouraged to go for a dance, a drive in the country or to the seaside to give them chance to talk to one another.Dennie is also a successful hair salon owner and it was through conversations with customers and her daughter Laurel that first gave her the idea.“All this winking and liking and chat rooms, I don’t even like that word ‘wink’, I don’t want to be winked at. “When my husband and I dated we went out to wine bars and things like that, and we both used to make an effort to look nice and presentable.” Old Style Dating doesn’t use programmes to match subscribers, but allows people to search for potential dates themselves - they can then start chatting anonymously initially.

Dennie said: “On the site it does say dates could be going to the seaside, I know no one says seaside now, but that’s the idea.

Q I recently learned that my daughter, in her 20s, is online dating.

I’m afraid I reacted badly when I heard, so I haven’t much further information apart from her telling me that she ha d been on a few dates. How do I convince her to take the danger seriously?

"I think my mum’s site is something different that offers a chance for people looking for love.” Dennie lives with her husband Graham and the couple have four grown-up children - Laurel, Ellis, 27, Brooke, 26, and 20-year-old Max. She said: “My daughter Laurel has been on dating apps, the same as most of her friends, and customers in the shop talk about going on them as well, but they haven’t found what they are looking for. “I think a lot of these apps are for men, and maybe women, who don’t want to settle down, they see an attractive girl or boy and think oh yeah and that’s that.

“Laurel is someone who wants to settle down and have a family and she would get fed up with it all online.

“I think this applies to both sexes, because I think men can get a raw deal too, both want each other to be respectful.” Dennie said because her site requires a fee (£29.99 for six months) there is an initial effort someone has to go to which they wouldn’t on a free site.