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[ELLE] Look at him striking a pose His confidence grows [ELLE/ENSEMBLE] He'll bloom like a rose [EMMETT] It's just clothes!

Meanwhile the theme of her act was about her thinking she's so great and then consistently not getting cast in things, like being dissed for the OBC of Wicked. Let's put it this way- Kirk Douglas played the person who gives Eve the Sarah Siddons award and he was more with it than Lansbury. I noticed Ashley Day liking an instagram post about Broadway Bares by Jerry Mitchell.

You say it like it's a bad thing.[quote] I bet all these guys are pushed they had to wait to open until after the Tony cut-off.... Dude, most Theater Queens care more about awards than actors do.[quote] Dude, most Theater Queens care more about awards than actors do.

Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha*Dude*, actors live for two things- money and recognition.

Plus, they have to play this dreck in the Summer when all the gays flee the city and tourists aren't that jazzed about a non-musical.

And just ask Angela Lansbury how well a show does that opens in Summer. [quote]Matt Boner's main function is to open the show by showing his ass and walking around in his underwear.

Awards fall squarely under the 2nd category.[quote] A Tony does bring extra money.

When they begin a new show and the producer can put in the advertising "Starring Tony Award Winner..." that equates to extra that a good agent can negotiate with. Richard Mc Cabe, Roger Robinson, Scott Wise, Owen Teale, Lena Hall, Anne Duquesnay, Karen Ziemba, Gretha Boston, Daisy Eagan, Michelle Pawk, Marie Mullen, Deanna Dunagan, Hinton Battle, etc. Whoever called her a soccer mom wedding singer was exactly right. Seems I want to stand up for what’s right versus what is right for their pockets. I’d have been in these trenches fighting with/without fame. End of story.'R111 Christ, I scrolled through a few tweets, the crazy is strong.I made it halfway through Stephanie J Block's opening number ("Some People") and turned it off. Is this what Live at Lincoln Center has become, cabaret nights? Even if the productions of Act One and The Nance were far from great, they were still better than Show Tunes 101. I did get a laugh from him tweeting to "fellow celebrities".I'd feel sympathy for him if he weren't being such a self-righteous prick. Or is he not crazy and just being forthright about his experience in showbiz and being dubbed cray as a result?I’d love to see him and Robbie in the next one, maybe in something like that incredibly natcissistic Batman and Robin routine that Chris Sieber did with his disposable bf.I've seen Charity several times and the weirdest thing is that I think it plays better in more intimate settings.Even the straight guy just sits there and doesn't leave. [quote]The latest (and seemingly final) iteration of Strictly Ballroom just opened in the West End and weirdly, it’s not even a musical now Neither was Lurhmann’s original play, which he adapted for the screen. Also remember seeing Malcolm Gets, Rex Smith, and Andrea Marcovicci in "Finian's Rainbow," and Jason Alexander and the aforementioned Miss Block in "They're Playing Our Song." And "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" with Alice Ripley, Hugh Panaro and Valarie Pettiford.