Are nat wolff and rosalina dating in real life dating violence on valentines day

You know, so nobody laughs or anything." said Alex. After Nat, Allie, and Alex were showered, dresses, and all ready, they took them to the filming camper. Nat: Oh, okay *gets pulled into the room by Alex.*Alex: *whispers* quick, close the door, so Rosalina wont here.

I'm an actor, it's my job, I just thought...since you guys would be kissing and all, they'd film that and then film me and Big Ella. But the other's aren't allowed to come with us." she said and they all groaned. Rosalina: Such a big reaction from such a little comment... Nat: Yeah, well, there's a lot of things I wouldn't of expected these last few days... Alex: *comes running in* Nat, you have to come with my right now, come on it's an emergancy NOW! *blocks the camera*Big Ella: Everybody loves everybody now!

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Alex covered his mouth and Nat had to bite his toung to keep from strangling Qaasim.. Nat looked at her, his eyes wide as a cartoon character's. That's why I picked her, real feelings equal real good actor." said Nat. " he yelled and everyone laughed and screamed "YEAH! Everyone except Alex was just staring at Nat for about five minutes. " That was when Allie walked in."Guys, what's going on in here? Don't want negative comments on my first draft do I?

I have written under another name for a certain Harry Potter series, and look forward to getting some great feedback. The guys started laughing and this time, Nat joined in."Alright, alright, I'll tell you. I like...we'll guys again, don't laugh, but I'm in-love with Allie. " is what he thought."It's my turn to ask someone..about you Qaasim, truth or dare?

You need to tell them to go to sleep, and Alex, you're supposed to be asleep for a hour." said Polly. Polly nodded ok, they said goodnight to their mom and walked back in.

"Sorry Mom, we were just having a pillow fight." said Nat."Nat, Alex, outside, NOW! They left with a few "yes, mam's" and "sorry.""Nat, it's almost ten o'clock! "Naw, not from Mom, but we need to get to sleep." said Nat. David and Qaasim were sharing a bed, Nat and Alex were sharing a bed, and Cooper slept on the foot of David and Qaasim bed.

"Alright, alright enough, c'mon Qaasim, ask someone." said Alex."Alright...." he looked at Allie.

Nat and Alex glanced at each other as if to say "uh oh""Alright, since you need the practice for tomorrow, I dare you too...

(Their real-life dad, Michael Wolff, played their father on the show as well.) All of their bandmates were played by real-life friends. The name "Naked Brothers Band" actually arose when Nat and Alex were super young — and, yes, it happened in their real lives.