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Of course, I justify this by telling myself that they are purchases that will last a lifetime - I'm not going to be buying new guitar rigs and speakers for at least the better part of a decade."Hey, be thankful you're not addicted to new phones!or is that just another case of justifying the need to scratch that technology buying itch? Digit I December 2011 1 2011 • Volume 11 • Issue 12 thinkdmi com Managing Director Dr Pramath Raj Sinha Printer and Publisher Kanak Ghosh Publishing Director Asheesh Gupta Editorial Executive Editor Robert Sovereign-Smith Copy Editor Infancia Cardozo Multimedia Co-ordinator Sambhav Daffu Writers Anirudh Regidi, Jait Dixit, Aniruddh Subramanian Test Centre Assistant Manager Jayesh Shinde Reviewers Nimish Sawant, Vishal Mathur Product Co-ordinator Shweta Mali Assistant Vikas Patil Online Editor Soham Raninga Writer Abhinav Lai & Custom Publishing Asst. In the event of a dispute, the Editor's decision shall be final.Whatever the case, we've been cap- tured, hook, line and sinker, and we're not complaining. H •♦ ■' ^^J Robert Sovereign-Smith Executive Editor [email protected]"Thanks to the sheer size of our population and increasingly disposable inconne, a lot of us are looking to spend a little nnore than we really should" Remember to take our Icons of Trust survey, and te LL the brands what you think of their products, and services: V . Editor Nash David Design Senior Creative Director: Jayan K Narayanan Art Director: Anil VK Associate Art Director: PC Anoop Visualisers: Prasanth TR, Anil T 8i Shokeen Saifi Senior Designers: Sristi Maurya, NV Baiju & Chander Dange Designers: Suneesh K, Shigil N, Charu Dwivedi Raj Verma, Prince Antony, Binu MP & Peterson Chief Photographer: Subhojit Paul Sr Photographer: Jiten Gandhi Contributors Writers Siddharth Parwatay, Mihir Patkar, Kshitij Sobti, Kapil Rustagi, Design Vijay Padaya Production and Logistics Sr GM - Operations Shivshankar Hiremath Manager Operations Rakesh Upadhyay Asst Production Manager Vilas Mhatre Asst Mgr Vijay Menon Production Assistant Brahmanand Nikalje Executives M P Singh, Mohd. PRODUCTS REVIEWED THIS MONTH Bazaar Acer Iconia Smart S300 ASUS Bee Pad Transformer TFIOIG Brag PC Brother HL-2130 Bu Udozer AMDFX-8150 CM Storm Sirus De LL Vostro 3750 HTC Radar Cll Oe HP Office Jet 6500A Lenovo Idea Pad Kl tablet Samsung Omnia W 18350 WD My Book Live 1TB Zerol Award Winners Western Digital Ve Lociraptor 600GB Kingston Hyper X 240GB SSD ADATA Nobility NH03 Apacer AH552 Therma Ltake Level 10 GT Ben Q XL2410T AMD FX-8150 ASUS ROG Crosshair V Formula Intel Core i7-2600K ASUS ROG Maximus IV Extreme Z HP Office Jet Pro 8500A Plus Canon Pixma i P4870 Logitech G510 Logitech G9x ZOTAC GTX 590 i Omega Screenplay DX 1 TB Samsung Galaxy SII Black Berry Bold Touch 9900 Apple i Pad 2 Apple i Pod touch 4G Olympus XZ-1 Canon EOS-ID Mark IV Acer Aspire One 722 Asus G74SX Sennheiser HD800 Brainwavz M3 TPLink-TL-MR3420 Kindle 3 Tata Sky HD Zerol Awards: Worthy Mentions Seagate Barracuda XT 3TB Corsair Force 3 GT 120GB Hitachi Touro Mobile Pro 500GB Kingston Data Traveller 64 GB Cooler Master HAFX Circle Black Hawk View Sonic VA 2431wm AOC e2043Fsk AMDA8-3850 ASRock A75 Extreme6 Intel Core i5-2500K Intel Core i7-3960X ASRock Z68 Extreme7 Gen3 Brother MFC-1615W HP Office Jet 6000 e609a Epson ME Office 960FWD Razor Black Widow Ultimate Stealth Edition Logitech G500 CM Storm Inferno HIS HD 6990 ASUS GTX 580 Matrix Edition Asus 0! Metallic handy design Dual Camera - 2.0 MP primary camera Video player and recorder Java games support - G-sensor Dual SIM ban MOBILE PBONES ATi TATi TATi Tfl I Sf Sl 1 1 L*i lil ill I^k V AND SMART I 3G VIDEO CALL I SELE Best IT World (India) Pvt.Now I'm more used to reading about news stories about long queues and all-night vigils for technology - games, products, whatever - from the West.

I never expected Indonesians to go that beserk over a new phone model.

Anyway, that's Indonesia, where people literally pay in millions for phones... Obviously Apple phones in India are popular, and you would expect quite a few people to put in orders for the new i Phone, and all the hype around Siri, Apple's new natural language interface.

Were there discounts in the offing, as in Indonesia? This is a pre- mium product being sold at a premium price...

So, in a country where the most common question about cars is, "Mileage kitna deti hat?

", and everyone from old aunties to little kids are used to bargaining with the local trader for everything, there was actually a line (regardless of how small or big), for a rather expensive product? I said "rather expensive", I really meant "ridiculously overpriced" - the phones cost Rs. 50,900 and 57,500 for the 16GB, 32GB and 64GB models respectively! and there's no pushing and shoving involved, because they're expensive models- or as one witty person put it on Facebook, "About half a Tata Nano! And yes, there's a marketing gim- mick thrown in about recovering half the cost in 2 years because of plan discounts, and the likes, but it's still pretty obvious that only a minority (rich, or fanatical), can afford to buy it.

Consumerism, geeks inheriting the earth, or other reasons I've written about in this space before, does it really matter?