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m CU Hi EX LIBRIS The Cooper Union TH E GIFT OF Frederick Lunning ROYAL COPENHAGEN PORCELAIN BY THE SAME AUTHOR Crown 8vo, cloth, 5s. Illustrated CHATS ON ENGLISH EARTHENWARE CHATS ON ENGLISH CHINA Fifth Impression CHATS ON OLD FURNITURE Fourth Impression CHATS ON OLD PRINTS Third Impression London : T. i i i VASE AND COVER With finely modelled flowers in high relief, painted in natural colours, overgla/.c.

Panel with portrait of the Crown Prince Frederik (afterwards Frederik VI.

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Professor Arnold Krog has generously augmented my researches into the history of the art and evolution of the Royal factory.

In graciously allowing me access to artistic data accumulated for twenty-five years he has illuminated the path tor me of which every footstep is so well known to him. .30 In the Collection of Count Moltke, of Bregentved.

In regard to marks, I have carefully examined hundreds of authenticated examples, and have included carefully drawn lists which I trust will be found useful to those students who come after me.

Of the great modern Renaissance period, it is not too much to confess that one stands abashed at the poetry and beauty expressed by the potters and artists.

The arts of war have unfortunately laid a heavy hand on the arts of peace.

It is a happy circumstance, a tardy act of reparation owing to the old Copenhagen factory, that the first volume dealing with its eventful history and development should appear in English by an English author. The echo of this still rever- berates on the china shelf. There is a hiatus in examples of the old Copenhagen porcelain, difficult and perhaps impossible to fill. Dowager-Queen Juliane Marie, signed Luplan fee: 1781 . In admiration of the great art of Frantz Heinrich Muller, master-potter of Denmark, I hang up this garland of laurel as a tribute to the genius which has inspired the Royal Copenhagen 7 b PREFACE Porcelain Factory and promulgated traditions which have carried the art of Copenhagen to the highest pinnacle of fame. Connoisseurs have long recognised the need of a volume dealing with a factory of such prestige and distinction as Copenhagen, with an unbroken history from mid-eighteenth-century days, and whose productions to-day claim consideration from those experts and special- ists who are prescient enough to buy for posterity. The contemplation by my readers of the masterpieces of which I speak will repay me for the labour of love in endeavouring to the best of my ability to point out great art existent in our midst, and perhaps unheeded. Queen Juliane Marie Period (Part II., 1780-1796) CHAPTER IV Figure Subjects and Groups (1780-1820) CHAPTER V The Flora Danica Service (i 790-1802) .