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As such, sometimes they can be a bit stubborn to get off.

However, if the area where the handle joins to the head is heated with a hair dryer or heat gun the glue will soften and make it easier to screw off.

We utilize only sustainable or reclaimed natural Australian hardwood's and do not use any type of staining.

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This glue can be softened with heat which will then allow them to be unscrewed.

We recommend pointing a hair dryer or heat gun at the section the handle joins the head.

Breville sometimes glues the portafilter handle to the head rather than using a standard screw on bolt to accommodate replacement handles.

For glued handles, we can provide ready made Breville portafilters with hardwood handles.

Hi Leon All arrived ok, fits perfectly and the look exceeds my best dreams.

The bronze end cap is a perfect match and works in with the timber beautifully.

Considering the better option to purchase custom made chairs, that can be made to the style, design, colour, the quantity you require to be ready when you are needing the chairs would take the stress out of having your guests over for Christmas lunch seated on matching chairs.

We specialise in producing the highest quality handmade custom coffee parts for customers world-wide using figured natural Australian hardwood's.

This can be quite a challenge and you find that even though it may seem like a fun and casual Christmas lunch with everyone sitting on something different, its not ideal to have a lovely meal together around the family dining table.

Finding the perfect chair design, colour and style you have in mind when you visit the furniture stores, specialty store and online that comes in a bigger quantity and availability of the stock when you need them before Christmas could be a little tricky to get hold of in time.

A true pleasure to have done business with you and look forward to more.. They look fabulous, can’t wait to get them cleared and onto my machine, will send some images when all done, thank you again.