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Did you get swept up in the location craze of the mid-2000s and build some neat proximity-oriented apps?

Well, all your apps that display miles must now be converted to kilometers (and vice-versa, for you international readers).

It’s almost hard to imagine one without the other, as internationalization and localization are really two sides of the same coin.

Simple, elegant, and just enough functionality to get going.

NSLocale is one of those classes that you really need to get familiar with, as even though it’s function might seem simple (provide access to the system’s locale), it’s got a lot of moving parts.

Lets get this out of the way to start – you want to be doing i18n/l10n (localization).

i OS started in the US, much like many other environments, and like many other environments, i OS has spread world-wide.

Dallas wrote a similar post describing the i18n process he and his team went through on the Android application.

I’d like to start out with some basic explanation of the i18n process when approached from an i OS developer’s point of view.Apple has extolled the virtues of i18n for the past two WWDCs, so it’s fairly clear that’s where they want to take the ecosystem at large.Thankfully, Apple has made internationalization easy for new projects.But wait, the UK uses metric for small distance increments, and miles for long distances.Time and timezones are another great example of l10n.The SDK enables you to call AWS Lambda functions from your i OS mobile apps, using the AWSLambda Invoker class.