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Tuesday, Facebook revealed that people in those three countries will be able to view nearby blood donation camps, requests for blood donations and blood banks in one central location on the social network.

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Highlights follow: Facebook said it will begin testing a feature for dating and relationships within its flagship mobile apps later this year.g v Y, i Associated' with the cylinder 12 is'an A inking mechanism including inking rollerslll, VV distributing rollers 15 andv other'parts :not shown in the drawings. krollers Y 14',v is a-vibrator rol-l 16 of a construction usualandwellf knownwith printing machines ofthe type to which my 'invention relates, this vibrator'roll working the ink vupon, and picking up ink Y from, the upper inking rollerr chine. f 1 It; will be understood that the various cyl*- inders, shafts and rollers heretofore, and -to berhereinafter, referred to, extend from side fra-me to side frame of the macliine, Y and: that the various parts'supporting-and actuating same are duplicated'adjacentv said side, 1 frames.nthe accom aan ino' drawings thesdater attachment is located adiacent and below-the l l J n feedfshelf ofthe machine, (not.The Facebook-owned photo-and video-sharing network said the new Explore tab will roll out “over the coming weeks.”Also, in the coming weeks, real-time video chat is coming to Instagram Direct.Instagram said in a blog post “To start a video chat, simply tap the new camera icon at the top of a Direct thread.upon that petri-l ticuletr sheet, A sothat succeeding y impressions ymay be Lmade-in' 'the' semeprogression as the -precedingimpressions 'and' thus ensurefsub 'stantal 1 uniformity inthe conditioning of allisheetsvhile in process It is teesible to utilize thismechenismes emeans o'fidenv tifying thepress upon A which the preceding f f impression ' Was mede, inedditionto the time of the marking ofl this impression,1 `either tlie'color of the date' imprint or by some individuel'marking.v f f The datingettaohmentabove referred tocomprises ai V mechanism associtedf with, they 1 dersend includingr therein e Wheelor Wheels 'i adapted to each' receiveafdeter head for v11n-f V the pleno'griphic ofsetfcylinder, vand -is so; inking` mechanism of one 'of the plutewcy'lin# pressing upon the voffset"blanket of the transfer cylinder matte'rindiceting thedete on y i whichy the mechine'mede certain impressions` This-mechanism s so constructed'thet'it'may beset with considerable mcety in relation to incorporated lin the printing" machine `that y it may be. more ' Wheels, each carrying.a'deter`head may. bev ncorporetedv the'k attachment, i and each s vlimitedvrv aree'.