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It now merely notes Continental’s first horizontal well in the Three Forks region - not “the 1st.” REUTERS GRAPHIC The reason: to shield Continental. 4, that he did not want to “destroy” the company by allowing the public or media to hear discussion of Continental’s “confidential” business activities.“We’ve got an entire trial being conducted in secret,” said Joey Senat, a communications law specialist and associate professor at Oklahoma State University’s School of Media and Strategic Communication. Hamm is saying his divorce is a strictly personal matter, but apparently it’s not, because Continental says it will harm the company if the doors are opened.Meanwhile, on the website, Continental appears to be changing significant facts about itself.”There are also personal reasons why Hamm may prefer to keep the proceedings private.Legal experts interviewed for this article said the changes on the website appear to be part of Hamm’s strategy.

In most states, including Oklahoma, divorce trials usually take place in open court unless a judge closes the proceedings to protect a child. CEO INSIGHTS: Continental has deleted a link on its website to "CEO Insights," the thoughts of CEO Hamm, shown at top; an external site - now says, "the authors have deleted this site." REUTERS GRAPHIC NEW PROXY: Continental’s 2013 proxy filing with the SEC, top, praised Hamm as “one of the driving forces behind the company and its success.” In the 2014 proxy, bottom, that language is gone.REUTERS GRAPHIC DIFFERENT DRILL: On its corporate website, Continental deleted this 1974 entry on a timeline of the company’s history, top, which had touted Hamm’s personal role in striking oil in Oklahoma.REUTERS GRAPHIC MOVING MOUNTAINS: Continental revised a key 1993 claim, top.The original, saying the firm expanded into the Rockies region, is deleted.The comparison identified 18 separate items that had been recently deleted, added or revised.

The changes included:• Altering a claim that the company was first to “discover” an important oil field near the massive formation known as the Bakken Shale.According to state law, if Hamm can show that market conditions – rather than his management prowess – led to Continental’s financial success, he won’t have to share those gains with his estranged wife, Sue Ann. Reporters compared Continental’s current corporate website – with a version from early this year.The analysis was done using the Internet Archive Wayback Machine, a repository of past web pages.The company also deleted an item that said Continental expanded into the Rocky Mountain region in 1993.The company also removed a notable passage from one of its U. Securities and Exchange Commission filings, key documents used by investors to evaluate firms.A new entry (not shown) claims the company entered the lucrative Williston Basin in 1987 - a year before the marriage.