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The Palestinians are rallying to take control of East Jerusalem and had been protesting the relocation of the American embassy for several weeks.On Monday, demonstrations turned deadly, and as of Tuesday 58 people had been killed and more than 2,700 injured by Israeli troops guarding the border, according to the Gaza Health Ministry. Zeldin, who was one of 14 members to participate in the congressional delegation, referred to the embassy relocation as “long overdue” and said he was grateful for President Trump’s decision.77% on average serve their country, and develope national pride, They are not sitting in mom's basement waiting for someone to do something for .."I believe that our right to the Land is absolute and unshakable and it that [sic] includes the entire Land [...] The correct policy, from the point of view of Israeli interests regarding our political ability at the moment, is to combine the attempt to hold the maximum amount of territory and apply sovereignty over the maximum amount of territory while keeping the Arab population within it to a minimum.

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Some would call it land theft, or even progressive genocide since 1948.The ethnic cleansing of Palestinians by Zionists was in progress decades prior to '48.And science believed the universe began in a "big bang"....proved itself wrong, Here are some more scientific lies for you. Thusly, we can determine the composition or the Earth's early atmosphere and what light it's composition would reflect.So yeah, we ..So it was green because your imperfect "science" says so?Morality arises out of our innate desire for safety, stability and order, without which no society can function; basic moral precepts (that murder and theft are wrong, for example) antedated religion.

Those who abstain from crime solely because they fear divine wrath, and not because they recognize the difference between right and wrong, are not to be lauded, much less trusted.

Yes, our little blue marble was once a little green marble.

Clinging to the Gospel of John is like having an imaginary friend. So your answer to your completely asinine "Belief in God" nonsense is based on the Bible and God?

Hypocritical thinking of simple minds have done enormous damage to civilization. Einstein's cosmological constant."The theoretical broadening which comes from having many humanities subjects on the campus is offset by the general dopiness of the people who study these things."Richard Feynman No. We have proven what spectra atoms reflect, or do not reflect.

Sort of like placing a chimp in a room of fine china. If you didn't see it it never existed..train of thought not mine. There is wonderment at your disagreement to the statement. Via geology, we can glean not only the contents of the early atmosphere due to basic chemical processes; we can gauge atmospheric content in most any geological age.

Perhaps if they did not defy Resolution 242, they would have no need to "defend themselves". Demonize the people you want to get rid of, take their land, and exterminate them.