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I think that the NDFP is ready for serious negotiations and is likewise ready for terminating them if necessary.The state terrorism and all-out war policy of the US imperialists and the reactionary puppets in power can only serve to incite the people to wage armed revolution.But I cannot identify them because they gave to me details on a confidential basis.

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A news report at the website quoted you as identifying Speaker Jose de Venecia as being the one who had disclosed the US plot to scuttle the talks as early as last year.You talked of the same matter in your opening statement in a press conference, Sept.Modesty aside, I could not be intimidated by the Marcos fascist dictatorship, even while I was already in maximum security detention.Neither was I ever attracted to any offer of unprincipled compromise and high position from Marcos or any of his successors.It was indeed Speaker Jose de Venecia who told me about the scheme of the US to demonize the CPP, NPA and the NDFP chief political consultant as "terrorists" when he phoned from Mexico in November 2001 when he was attending the international conference of the Christian democrats.

But there was nothing confidential about his revelation to me.

I hope you take time to reply to my query on issues related to the peace talks.

My name is Lira Dalangin, a reporter for INQ7.net, the news website of Philippine Daily Inquirer.

: GRP negotiating panel chairman Silvestre Bello III is always planning to come over with some of his panelists to the Netherlands for talks with their NDFP counterparts to pave the way for the soonest possible formal negotiations in Oslo Norway. In this regard the Norwegian government has reiterated its willingness to facilitate the peace negotiations.

It would be too late for Bebot Bello to come if the US and Dutch governments succeed in extraditing any one of those involved in the peace negotiations on the side of the NDFP or in making it so clear that they wish to put the NDFP negotiating panel under duress.

In an interview, de Venecia confirmed he warned you about the CPP's inclusion in the state department's list of foreign terrorist organizations.