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And why oh why would you get “jealous” of the other girls who are in the exact same situation as you- a situation you yourself agreed to when the show started?

Here’s my theory: When the contestants have been on these shows for a little while- and it might only take a few hours- they begin to buy into the “reality” of the show.

New York Goes to Work is a reality VH1 series that first premiered on May 4, 2009.

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I’m calling it “Flavor of Love Syndrome.” I expect some enterprising young psychiatrist to present a real paper to an actual medical journal about this, since I myself am not “qualified” in any real sense (other than the fact that I watch a lot of reality shows) to write such a paper. Within the context of “I Love Money,” I present as my evidence the strange case of Frank the Entertainer.This is the man who sucked on New York’s toes on a past season of “I Love New York.” Why would he do such a thing?Think about this: Is there any other circumstance, outside of a “reality” show, in which Frank the Entertainer could get to even first base with a woman like Destiney? The implication was that they would continue their romantic adventure in the reality of the real world. Now, on “I Love Money 2,” Frank the Entertainer is again canoodling, this time with Becky Buckwild.Again I ask you, is there any way Frank the Entertainer, the toe-sucking 37 year-old man who lives in his parents’ basement, could get to even first base with a woman like Becky Buckwild (assuming, of course, she's not blackout drunk)? Becky Buckwild has succumbed to Flavor of Love Syndrome.It’s only fitting, given the fact that she made her VH1 reality debut on “Flavor of Love.”The contestants who do the best on “I Love Money” tend to be immune from this.

Megan, for instance (who really should have won last season) made it all the way to the final four by turning the opposing alliance against itself.Click through our gallery to see what the ladies are up to and look like now and relive the infamous spit moment between New York and Pumkin in the video below.: Flavor of Love Syndrome: A theory about reality show contestants I’ve been working on a theory about the contestants who appear on reality shows, in particular those in which the ostensible object is to find “love.” On shows like “Rock of Love,” “Flavor of Love,” and “I Love New York,” contestants behave in, let’s say, odd ways. Often it seems that the characters come to believe that the “reality” of the show is the actual reality, and they really are there to change their lives in a meaningful way.I bet he will enjoy that paycheck, hopefully it gets him out his mothers basment.Ima just say this, all the girls who go to the casting for his show is looking for Exposure or some type of Fame, because what girl in her right mind will date a 39? Now, that might be nothing more than to get fame for themselves, fame that they hope will transfer with them once they’ve left the show. Every emotion, be it anger, sadness, lust, or even love is felt with greater intensity.