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Gates (1859-1923), who held dozens of patents, made his living "sitting for ideas." His tools were a quiet room, a pen, blank paper, and his mind.

When I read about Gates in 1960, the notion of "sitting for ideas" appealed to me, and I began to try it.

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If you analyze the structure of her speech, you will find that it is rule-based.The rules may not be those of Standard American English, but they will form a coherent grammatical system.As children we internalize the fundamental rules of whatever speech environment we live in.Something within the unconscious sorts through countless sentences, looks for common structural features, abstracts them, learns them, and uses them to talk.The thoughts are hypothetical possibilities for eliminating the incompleteness and arriving at closure.

Language, because of its ambiguity, can convey a sense of incompleteness.Exactly what those responses might be or where in the body they might be felt or when they might be felt is indefinitethus, incomplete.Since numerous sensate responses qualify as certain sensations, the phrase's inexplicit content increases the odds that the unconscious will find within its repertory of responses one which can complete the phrase's meaning. The unconscious sensitivity to form also shows up in its ability: (1) to discover the rules that order its surroundings and (2) to generate spontaneous behaviors that conform to those rules. Go into any part of the community, randomly select an individual, and record what she says.For two decades I intermittently pursued it in different settings with varying degrees of success and failure.In 1984, after one career as an academic and another as a conductor of contemporary music, I succumbed to my scientific and philosophical interests and founded a small interdisciplinary think tank.Some words refer to more than one thingthe pronoun he, for example, can refer to any male.