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But no one is here to rush you if you dawdle at whatever relic or exhibit makes your heart swell. -- Bangkok is a “one size fits all” kind of place, a concrete jungle teeming with divergent personalities and crisscrossing travelers getting on in mellow symbiosis.

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I pride myself in meeting your every need, fulfilling your mind and body with pleasure, taking phone sex to a whole new level.I like to tease, but I promise I’ll finish with a job well done leaving you wanting more. The sky is the limit with me boys I’m very open-minded and I love trying new things.That sits across the street from the Museum of the Army, housed in a veritable palace Louis XIV built for his wounded vets.You’ve got dozens, if not hundreds, of similar spots to hit.-- If you’re seeking a setting for your next short story, jet across the pond to the Welsh coastline.

It boasts some of the most beautiful beaches in the world -- Barafundle Bay’s emerald fields, the colorful architecture lining the waters in Tenby, jagged rock cliffs at Presipe.

He can sit at the bar and eavesdrop on a new town, or become an instant celebrity with a round of shots and a single well-told joke. The solo traveler is a tiny country -- population: 1 -- ruled by a benevolent autocrat, with a single vote to count on any popular referendum.

The solo traveler is free, in short, which means he's free to make a heap of mistakes.

I only managed to hit maybe a dozen, and that counts the Louvre, a Voltron of museums unto itself. I got a quiet flat through an outfit called Paris Perfect, but if your tastes run more bière than Champagne, a no-frills one-room apartment runs a mere a night on Airbnb. The French earned their reputation as snobs over centuries of plunder and toil, and today Paris shows off its treasures in truly historic digs.

The city feeds you culture and beauty the way foie gras farmers feed their geese corn mash. Take the intimate Rodin Museum, for instance, on the grounds of a grand 18th-century mansion that the artist himself took over in 1911.

Show up to a bar opening or expat mixer, and a few flutes of Champers later, you'll be crammed into a tuk-tuk with a motley crew rattling off to a nightclub or after-party.