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But that was not what he intended to see at that time.

The narrative Zille has written for Alexi’s “Dykes on Bikes” photo-tribute is a don’t-miss, as is Alexi’s striptease at Fairy Butch – not something you see every day.

My father (Bud Lincoln) introduced me to your site many years ago, and ever since I actually moved to Newport Beach to take care of him, your website has been my mainstay for weather, earthquake info, etc. I am especially fond of the web cam at the ferry crossing, but I noticed tonight that the time was an hour off, so I’m thinking that it was not changed when we “sprang ahead” a couple of weeks ago.

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Nothing comes across as disturbing, because if you spend any time here at all, you know these people.

And the same bond between them, that intimate knowledge that makes the sex so hot, also makes it versatile – though Zille usually plays the bottom, she certainly tops others, and once in a while, even tops Alexi.

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