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and the elevation of a foreign art form above the comprehension of those who were expected to support it."By the time Tindall turned pro in the 1980s, the classical music industry still expected a deference that it no longer commanded.

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For her part, Tindall, a 47-year-old writer, describes the flower assault as a "foolish, sophomoric act of poor judgment" that came in the midst of her having a series of personal and family problems.In a November 13 declaration, Tindall strongly denies being a threat to Nye, whom she accuses of "emotional cruelty." Nye, she stated, proposed marriage less than three months after meeting her in late-2005, and the pair appeared to have been wed last February in an impromptu ceremony officiated by Pastor Rick Warren (of "The Purpose Driven Life" fame).There were too many musicians being trained for too few orchestral jobs, and too many concerts for too few classical music fans. Tindall concludes that "classical music could learn from the diamond companies, which have transformed a relatively common mineral into something precious by limiting its abundance in the marketplace."Such sentiments might sound routine coming from an economist, but they take on a far greater authenticity when emanating from the orchestral pit itself.Mozart in the Jungle paints an unsparing portrait of what life is really like as a musician.Only when a scuba-diving instructor "slid his huge hand around me" (during a rare gig with a non-musician) was Tindall "turned on for the first time". At least Tindall's candour highlights a unique era in sexual history.

The period between the emergence of the contraceptive pill and the advent of Aids was the golden age of promiscuity, with New York as its global epicentre.If you were willing, able and moderately attractive, sex was easy to find.On the evidence of this book, willing and able alone were often sufficient.The implication is that her lovers let her down by reneging on some implicit deal, as though she was somehow the victim of a cultural malaise.In truth, she understood the rules - however grim the game - and played her part fully.When in trouble, her instinct was to go "man-hunting".