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Look out, there’s a new dating simulator in the app store, and it’s already got 1 million users!Dating simulators, or dating sims for short, are romance role-playing games.There’s no fear of breaking up with a virtual significant other because, well, they’re not real. Click here to read the latest article in Comics Verse’s Back 2 Skool series! From thrilling dramas set in historical Japan to adventure plots set in fantasy worlds, dating sims come in all sorts of styles.

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So, in the end, for all their high-quality animation, voice acting, and stories, Japanese otome games aren’t generally accessible to the global population.

Indie sims are like a box of chocolates: there can be anything in there.

Overall, there are four types of dating sims: bishoujo games (pursuing girls from a male perspective), otome games (pursuing guys from a female perspective), GL games (girls pursuing girls), and lastly BL games (guys pursuing guys).

MYSTIC MESSENGER, for example, is an otome game with one GL route.

How often is the average person surrounded by insanely attractive company that all conveniently want to flirt with them?

Plus, dating sims center around arguably the best part of romance: falling in love.

The best part of any indie game is that they are usually very cheap, or free!

HATOFUL BOYFRIEND (the pigeon dating sim) is only .99, a fraction of what many professional Japanese otome games cost.

As long as players don’t mind a little unprofessional art or rudimentary voice acting, indie games are definitely the way to go on a budget.

Anyone up for playing the plethora of app sims out there needs one of two things: money or patience.

Here’s a hint, though: MYSTIC MESSENGER capitalizes on its platform better than its competitors. If the names of the above categories weren’t enough of a hint, here it is: Japan is the center of all things dating sim.