Body language tips for dating usa n dating site

When sitting, crossing your legs in a figure-4 portrays a more confident stance but usually only in men.

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Slight touching on their upper arm can create feelings of intimacy without inappropriateness, making your date warm to you more.▲ When your date speaks, don’t forget to lean forward a bit to show how eager to listen what they say.

Voice: Both men and women actually like a deeper tone of voice in the opposite sex.

Winking can elicit a feeling of connection in the other person and you can come off as more fun and confident.▲ Winking is a signal telling your new friend that you share some hidden knowledge with him/her.

Gestures: We subconsciously mirror the body language of people we are fond of so subtly copy hand gestures, other movements or the way they stand.

As human beings, the way we move and use our bodies can be one of the most effective ways of communication.

In fact, it can play a much more important role than even the words we speak.

Try the inverted triangle technique by looking from each eye down to the mouth.▲ Looking into people’s eyes can be embarrassing (I know that feeling!

) You can rotate your gaze to make eye contact more natural.

A fake smile can be detected extremely easily so practicing a genuine smile (or Duchenne smile) will make you seem more approachable and trustworthy.▲ When you smile genuinely, you don’t only raise the muscles at the corner of your mouth, but also the muscles of your cheeks and your eyebrows.

Eyes: Use frequent but direct eye contact – enough that you can notice the colour of their irises .

Voice: Having a higher pitch in your voice can be perceived by others as you being nervous and less powerful.