Bpd women dating married man

It was ultimately Clinton’s own brazenness that brought about the impeachment hearings.When asked later on why he had the dalliance with Monica Lewinsky, his reply was, “I’ve thought about it a lot, and unfortunately it was for the most morally indefensible reason — because I could.” A run-in with such a woman happens to high-profile men, to ordinary men, and to men you know personally.

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The alcohol made it ultra-easy for them to share far too much about each other in a first-chance meeting.Their instant passion turned volatile, and ultimately the relationship propelled itself to a tragic end when the woman killed herself.More men are no doubt waiting in the wings for their turn.As a psychotherapist in practice for nearly forty years, I have worked first-hand with men whose “dangerous relationship” stories I have come to know intimately.However, should we slip away to consort with forbidden fruit, our wives would leave us, our kids would look at us in disgust, and our careers would falter. Dangerous liaisons have been the subject of many films (including the aforementioned Fatal Attraction), such as The Last Seduction, Basic Instinct, Damaged and Disclosure.

We would wind up living in a one-bedroom apartment, scraping by to keep our (former) families living in the style to which we/they had become accustomed. Though this is admittedly a generalization, the kind of woman who tends to snare a man into a dangerous relationship typically is one who seems to have no limits and who respects no boundaries. It only matters that she wants him, and she will stop at nothing to have him.You may have witnessed a good friend making a poor decision about the company he keeps, sometimes with unfortunate or even tragic consequences.Some of these men, thanks to their own dynamics, unwittingly conspire to bring about their own downfall.Within my practice as a psychotherapist, I hear many such stories, including those from men who have fallen from grace in their lives as the result of a real-life dangerous relationship. What it takes to be a Good Man today, one case in particular stands out as an example of a perilous relationship in which no one exited unscathed.One of my patients, who we’ll call Mike, met a woman, who we’ll refer to as Denise, in a bar one lonely night and struck up a conversation over many drinks.Mike had to face how his own neediness and narcissism blinded him to the allure of a borderline personality disorder suffered by his femme fatale.