Bulgarian dating marraige fsu speed dating 2016

Of course, women of this European country are pretty enough to become subject of attention of American guys....

As the country, Bulgaria is not that bad’ it is European country, member of EU; Bulgaria has very beautiful nature with sea and mountains and hospitable people; but average salary is pretty low in Bulgaria according to other EU countries and since you are Bulgarian, you are free to choose work placement everywhere in European Union.

People use their chance to earn more than they get at home and sometimes even much more.

But as the proverb says, misfortune for one brings some profits for another one.

In case with Bulgarian women it means Bulgaria as the country will suffer from such big migration of people and men in the UK would be happy, as they will have many international girls to pick future wife from that cattle would not be a problem at all.

But it often happens that the way to the aim becomes more important than the aim itself and in case of Bulgarian girls in the UK it often happens the find life there much better than at hope and having no willing to come back are looking for different ways to legalize themselves and to get residence permit.

Dreams often come true when Bulgarian girls starts dating with local guy in the UK; then she tries not to give up till the end and someday they become happy married couple; after some years of marriage Bulgarian woman becomes the citizen of The United Kingdom and then she decides whether to stay with her husband (most likely; that is how decent women do) or to leave the husband and take some of his money and property (rarely; that is hove bad Bulgarian girls do).

You don’t have to make some captious research to understand that Bulgarian girls and young women eagerly leave their home country in search of better life.

First of all they go abroad to work, as difference in salaries in Bulgaria and in the United Kingdom, for example, are 5 times or more; Bulgarian girls go to find work overseas.

Stories when compatriots have great life abroad, come home buying expensive villas for their parents, drive expensive cars encourage Bulgarian youth to go West as a labor migrants and nothing can stop them; as one Bulgarian old man said, only lazy or sick didn’t leave Bulgaria for work abroad.

In terms of whole country such situation has very bad influence, because the population will reduce every year and the best specialists become professionals abroad and bring profit to foreign country; also it is said when good Bulgarian specialist with University diploma works as physical worker abroad; no youth means no future for the country and that is not only said, but even dangerous.

But the tendency that so many Bulgarian girls didn’t find them as future wives of Bulgarian men is warning.