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372 Chapter 24: Form and Content 464 Negotiability 465 Types of Negotiable Instruments 466 468 Formal Requirements of Negotiable Instruments [close] Contents ix Chapter 25: Transfer 481 Negotiation 481 Indorsements 486 Concept Review: Indorsements 491 Applying the Law: Transfer of Negotiable Instruments 492 PART VI: AGENCY 565 Chapter 29: Relationship of Principal and Agent 566 Nature of Agency 567 Creation of Agency 569 Duties of Agent to Principal 572 Duties of Principal to Agent 576 Termination of Agency 578 497 Applying the Law: Relationship of Principal and Agent 581 Ethical Dilemma: Is Medicaid Designed to Protect Inheritances? Tennessee Secondary School Athletic Association, 80 Brown v. Hattori & Co., 1023 Burlington Northern & Santa Fe Railway Company v. Tokai Financial Services, Inc., 358 Catamount Slate Products, Inc.

433 PART IV: SALES 355 Chapter 23: Sales Remedies 440 Chapter 19: Introduction to Sales and Leases 356 NATURE OF SALES AND LEASES 357 Remedies of the Seller 441 446 447 454 Concept Review: Remedies of the Seller Applying the Law: Sales Remedies Remedies of the Buyer 448 Definitions 357 Fundamental Principles of Article 2 and Article 2A 360 FORMATION OF SALES AND LEASE CONTRACTS 364 Manifestation of Mutual Assent Consideration 369 Form of the Contract 369 Business Law in Action 371 364 Concept Review: Remedies of the Buyer Contractual Provisions Affecting Remedies 454 PART V: NEGOTIABLE INSTRUMENTS 463 Concept Review: Contract Law Compared with Law of Sales 372 Ethical Dilemma: What Constitutes Unconscionability in a Business?

Windows is a registered trademark of the Microsoft Corporation used herein under license. He is currently professor of Business Law at the Kenan-Flagler School of Business, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and is past president of the Southeastern Regional Business Law Association. Barry Roberts is currently professor of Business Law at the Kenan Flagler School of Business, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and is a member of Who’s Who in American Law and the North Carolina and Pennsylvania Bars. Civil Dispute Resolution 50 Constitutional Law 77 Administrative Law 96 Criminal Law 112 Intentional Torts 130 Negligence and Strict Liability 150 Part III: Contracts 173 9. 1052 [close] Contents xiii Chapter 49: Interests in Real Property 1060 Freehold Estates 1060 Leasehold Estates 1062 Concept Review: Freehold Estates 1063 Concurrent Ownership 1070 Nonpossessory Interests 1072 Concept Review: Rights of Concurrent Owners 1072 Applying the Law: Interests in Real Property 1075 Chapter 51: Trusts and Wills 1097 TRUSTS 1097 Types of Trusts 1097 Creation of Trusts 1100 Concept Review: Allocation of Principal and Income Termination of a Trust DECEDENT’S ESTATES 1103 1103 1104 Wills 1104 1108 Business Law in Action Chapter 50: Transfer and Control of Real Property 1080 TRANSFER OF REAL PROPERTY 1080 Intestate Succession 1109 Administration of Estates 1110 Ethical Dilemma: When Should Life Support Cease? Department of Transportation, 102 American Manufacturing Mutual Insurance Company v. Mc Oskar Enterprises, Inc., 253 Any Kind Checks Cashed, Inc.

Mann Professor of Business Law The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Member of the North Carolina Bar Barry S. Introduction to Contracts 174 Mutual Assent 188 Conduct Invalidating Assent 209 Consideration 227 Illegal Bargains 247 Contractual Capacity 262 Contracts in Writing 276 Third Parties to Contracts 301 Performance, Breach, and Discharge 319 Contract Remedies 336 Part IV: Sales 355 19. 660 Chapter 33: Limited Partnerships and Limited Liability Companies 667 Limited Partnerships 667 Concept Review: Comparison of General and Limited Partners 673 Limited Liability Companies 674 Applying the Law: Limited Partnerships and Limited Liability Companies 678 Concept Review: Comparison of Member-Managed and Manager-Managed LLCs 679 Other Unincorporated Business Associations 682 Concept Review: Liability Limitations in LLPs 683 Types of Dividends and Other Distributions 722 Legal Restrictions on Dividends and Other Distributions 723 Applying the Law: Financial Structure of Corporations 726 Declaration and Payment of Distributions 727 Liability for Improper Dividends and Distributions 728 Concept Review: Liability for Improper Distributions 729 Chapter 36: Management Structure of Corporations 734 CORPORATE GOVERNANCE ROLE OF SHAREHOLDERS 734 737 Chapter 34: Nature and Formation of Corporations 689 NATURE OF CORPORATIONS 690 Voting Rights of Shareholders 737 Enforcement Rights of Shareholders Concept Review: Concentrations of Voting Power Function of the Board of Directors 742 741 Corporate Attributes 690 Classification of Corporations Busines Law in Action 692 691 ROLE OF DIRECTORS AND OFFICERS 746 747 [close] Contents xi Election and Tenure of Directors 748 Exercise of Directors’ Functions 749 Officers 751 Duties of Directors and Officers 752 Business Law in Action 759 Ethical Dilemma: Whom Does a Director Represent? 760 Creditors, The Debtor, and The Estate—Chapter 5 Liquidation—Chapter 7 831 Applying the Law: Bankruptcy 834 Reorganization—Chapter 11 836 Adjustment of Debts of Individuals— Chapter 13 840 Concept Review: Comparison of Bankruptcy Proceedings 843 CREDITORS’ RIGHTS AND DEBTORS’ RELIEF OUTSIDE OF BANKRUPTCY 844 824 Chapter 37: Fundamental Changes of Corporations 765 Charter Amendments Combinations 766 Dissolution 774 765 Creditors’ Rights 844 Debtors’ Relief 845 Ethical Dilemma: For a Company Contemplating Bankruptcy, When Is Disclosure the Best Policy? Roberts Professor of Business Law The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Member of the North Carolina and Pennsylvania Bars © MARK BOND [close] Essentials of Business Law, 10th Edition Richard A. Roberts Vice President of Editorial, Business: Jack W. 847 PART IX: REGULATION OF BUSINESS 853 Concept Review: Fundamental Changes Under Pre-1999 RMBCA 778 Ethical Dilemma: What Rights Do Minority Shareholders Have? Introduction to Property, Property Insurance, Bailments, and Documents of Title.48. TENTH EDITION Business Law AND THE LEGAL ENVIRONMENT Essentials of Richard A. 635 Business Law in Action 694 695 FORMATION OF A CORPORATION Organizing the Corporation 695 Formalities of Incorporation 697 Concept Review: Comparison of Charter and Bylaws 700 RECOGNITION OR DISREGARD OF CORPORATENESS 700 Chapter 32: Operation and Dissolution of General Partnerships 639 RELATIONSHIP OF PARTNERSHIP AND PARTNERS WITH THIRD PARTIES 639 Contracts of Partnership Business Law in Action 640 641 Defective Incorporation 700 Piercing the Corporate Veil 703 Torts and Crimes of Partnership Notice to a Partner 645 Liability of Incoming Partner 644 CORPORATE POWERS 705 645 Sources of Corporate Powers 705 Liability for Torts and Crimes 706 DISSOCIATION AND DISSOLUTION OF GENERAL PARTNERSHIPS UNDER RUPA 647 Chapter 35: Financial Structure of Corporations 713 DEBT SECURITIES 714 Dissociation 647 Dissolution 648 Concept Review: Dissociation and Dissolution Under RUPA 650 Dissociation Without Dissolution 652 DISSOLUTION OF GENERAL PARTNERSHIPS UNDER UPA 656 Authority to Issue Debt Securities Types of Debt Securities 714 EQUITY SECURITIES 716 714 Dissolution 656 Winding Up 657 Continuation After Dissolution Business Law in Action 716 Issuance of Shares 717 Classes of Shares 720 Concept Review: Debt and Equity Securities 722 DIVIDENDS AND OTHER DISTRIBUTIONS 722 659 Ethical Dilemma: What Duty of Disclosure Is Owed to Incoming Partners? The full digital download is available immediately after your purchase, so place your order and let’s get started building your academic success!

Products Liability: Warranties and Strict Liability in Tort.25.

No part of this work covered by the copyright hereon may be reproduced or used in any form or by any means—graphic, electronic, or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, taping, Web distribution, information storage, and retrieval systems—except as may be permitted by the license terms herein. 927 Problems Common to Private Causes of Action 989 FEDERAL REGULATION OF THE ENVIRONMENT 989 The National Environmental Policy Act The Clean Air Act 991 The Clean Water Act 995 Hazardous Substances 998 International Protection of the Ozone Layer 1003 989 Chapter 43: Antitrust 933 Sherman Antitrust Act 933 Concept Review: Restraints of Trade Under Sherman Act 941 Clayton Act 943 Robinson-Patman Act 946 Federal Trade Commission Act 948 Ethical Dilemma: When Is an Agreement Anticompetitive? 1024 PART X: PROPERTY 1029 Chapter 45: Consumer Protection 965 State and Federal Consumer Protection Agencies 965 Consumer Purchases 970 Concept Review: Consumer Rescission Rights Consumer Credit Transactions 973 Creditors’ Remedies 979 Business Law in Action 980 972 Chapter 48: Introduction to Property, Property Insurance, Bailments, and Documents of Title 1030 INTRODUCTION TO PROPERTY AND PERSONAL PROPERTY 1030 Kinds of Property 1031 Transfer of Title to Personal Property Concept Review: Kinds of Property PROPERTY INSURANCE 1037 1033 1033 Ethical Dilemma: Should Some Be Protected from High-Pressure Sales?

For product information and technology assistance, contact us at Cengage Learning Customer & Sales Support, 1-800-354-9706 For permission to use material from this text or product, submit all requests online at Further permissions questions can be emailed to [email protected] View® is a registered trademark of e Instruction Corp. He served as a judicial clerk for the Pennsylvania Supreme Court prior to practicing law in Pittsburgh. 949 Concept Review: Major Federal Environmental Statutes 1004 Ethical Dilemma: Distant Concerns 1005 Chapter 47: International Business Law 1009 The International Environment 1009 Jurisdiction over Actions of Foreign Governments 1011 Transacting Business Abroad 1014 Business Law in Action 1017 Forms of Multinational Enterprises 1022 Chapter 44: Accountants’ Legal Liability 953 Common Law 953 Federal Securities Law 957 Concept Review: Accountants’ Liability Under Federal Securities Law 960 Applying the Law: Accountants’ Legal Liability 961 Ethical Dilemma: Who May Seek Economic Shelter Under U. 982 Fire and Property Insurance Business Law in Action 1039 Nature of Insurance Contracts 1037 1040 Chapter 46: Environmental Law 987 COMMON LAW ACTIONS FOR ENVIRONMENTAL DAMAGE 987 BAILMENTS AND DOCUMENTS OF TITLE 1042 Bailments 1042 1045 Nuisance 987 Trespass to Land 988 Strict Liability for Abnormally Dangerous Activities 989 Concept Review: Duties in a Bailment Documents of Title 1048 Ethical Dilemma: Who Is Responsible for the Operation of Rental Property? Binder, Robinson & Company, Inc., 670 American Airlines, Incorporated v.

240 Business Law in Action 240 Activities Giving Rise to Strict Liability 166 Ethical Dilemma: What Are the Obligations of a Bartender to His Patrons? Mirage Resorts, Inc., 773 Commerce & Industry Insurance Company v.

92 20 Chapter 5: Administrative Law 96 Operation of Administrative Agencies 97 101 Concept Review: Administrative Rulemaking Limits on Administrative Agencies 103 Pharmakon Drug Company 27 Mykon’s Dilemma 29 Oliver Winery, Inc. 145 218 Concept Review: Misrepresentation 218 Applying the Law: Conduct Invalidating Assent 219 Concept Review: Conduct Invalidating Assent 222 Chapter 8: Negligence and Strict Liability 150 NEGLIGENCE 151 Breach of Duty of Care 151 Factual Cause 159 Scope of Liability (Proximate Cause) Harm 162 Defenses to Negligence 162 STRICT LIABILITY 166 Chapter 12: Consideration 227 Legal Sufficiency 159 227 Concept Review: Consideration in Unilateral and Bilateral Contracts 230 Bargained-For Exchange 236 Contracts Without Consideration 236 Ethical Dilemma: Should a Spouse’s Promise Be Legally Binding?

Form and Content 464 Transfer 481 Holder in Due Course 497 Liability of Parties 519 Bank Deposits, Collections, and Funds Transfers 540 Part VI: Agency 565 29. Relationship with Third Parties 587 © MARK BOND iv [close] Contents in Brief v Part VII: Business Associations 613 31. 515 Chapter 30: Relationship with Third Parties 587 RELATIONSHIP OF PRINCIPAL AND THIRD PERSONS 587 Contract Liability of the Principal Business Law in Action 590 587 Chapter 27: Liability of Parties 519 CONTRACTUAL LIABILITY 519 Signature 520 Liability of Primary Parties 522 Liability of Secondary Parties 523 Business Law in Action 527 Termination of Liability 527 Concept Review: Contractual Liability 528 LIABILITY BASED ON WARRANTY 529 Business Law in Action 593 Tort Liability of the Principal 597 Criminal Liability of the Principal 603 RELATIONSHIP OF AGENT AND THIRD PERSONS 603 Contract Liability of Agent Tort Liability of Agent 603 607 Warranties on Transfer 529 Warranties on Presentment Ethical Dilemma: When Should an Agent’s Power to Bind His Principal Terminate? Chevron Chemical Company, LLC, 456 Border State Bank of Greenbush v.