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My advice to be to think of exactly how you want the registration/appointment system to be and ask them if they can set it up that way and chances are they will be able to. Pros: A software that provides all the necessary solutions to carry out B2B.

User friendly, with options as an administrator that are exactly what is needed. All integrated in the same platform and with a great customer service Comments: We have been using this online appointment system for an average sized b2b event for several years and are completely satisfied both with the technical aspects of the product and the personal approach of the support staff.

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Overall: Great meetings organisation platform by Converve on June 22, 2018 Vladimir, Thanks your review!To balance between software tailored for a specific event and a standard solution is always a challenge.Comments: This will be my third year working using the Converve software.I believe this software is by far the best match making software in the market. Post our event, the questionnaire went out asking "How would you rate the match making feature on the registration site".Cons: We have not yet tested the tool in the least developed countries or places with unreliable Wifi access, but I am certain that the Converve team could help finding a plan B if this occurs.

Overall: This software compiled all our needs in a user friendly tool Pros: I have worked with dozens of meetings organisation platforms since 2012 and must say that Converve is the best solution if you need something unique and highly customizable for your event.

We are working on a template solution you can reuse for event series.

Pros: It has been customized exactly to what we want/need.

The Converve customer support is very professional and easy to work with, they have worked really hard to set up a great system for us and are always on stand-by for any questions we may have throughout the appointment scheduling process.

Recommendations to other buyers: I highly recommend Converve.

It allows event planners to set-up face-to-face appointments between the participants of their events.